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Double Robotics' iPad-based telepresence robot roams the floor at #CESlive

Double Robotics makes a telepresence robot based on iOS that's useful for telecommuters who want or need to maintain a physical presence in a remote office but can't actually be on location.

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Double Robotics teleconferencing robot gives wheels to your iPad

There has always been an argument over whether the iPad was a truly mobile device; well the folks from Double Robotics have certainly put an end to that particular debate. Say hello to the Double teleconferencing robot, it aims to take teleconferencing to a whole new level. Its main feature is the fact that it is a mobile teleconferencing system that is controllable from one iPad while a second iPad sits on top and becomes the systems eyes and ears.

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Siri doubles iPhone 4S data consumption

According a report by network metrics firm Arieso, iPhone 4S users are consuming twice the amount of data than users of earlier iPhone models, and the reason is Siri. Siri is getting the blame for the huge increase in data consumption as it communicates with Apple’s servers to provide its personal assistant features.

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