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Dropped Calls

AT&T iPhone users see more than twice the dropped calls of Verizon iPhone

A recent ChangeWave report surveyed 4,068 wireless subscribers and revealed that AT&T iPhone users see more than double the amount of dropped calls compared to their Verizon iPhone peers. AT&T iPhone users reported that 4.8% of calls were unexpectedly dropped on the network, a far cry from Verizon at just 1.8% of calls. This lines up with a survey of overall cell phone customers that found 4.6% of AT&T subscribers and 1.4% of Verizon customers have reported dropped calls.

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Apple Genius: AT&T Dropped Call Rate for NYC is 30%

According to a Gizmodo reader who took his iPhone to the Apple Store Genius Bar due to issues with dropped calls, a 30% failure rate in New York City is normal.

Now, we all know AT&T's network crumbles beneath the weight of the iPhone (and suspect any other single network might as well), but it's not often we get numbers to go with it.

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