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Higher quality pictures of the purported iPhone 5 design

Remember those iPhone 5 dummies that were floating around Germany and Taiwan last week? Well it looks like they're starting to hit U.S. shores, social networks, and tip boxes.

iMore has learned that this is indeed the basic design for the new iPhone, though the final design details will no doubt differ (pentalobe screws, properly typeset branding, etc.) But if you're still eager to soak in as much hype as you possibly can before tomorrow's iPhone event, check out the image above and the one below, and let us know your pre-release thoughts.

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Hands-on impressions of iPhone 5 dummy unit

Today at an undisclosed location in Berlin, Germany, Mobile Nations' own Alex Dobie and Richard Devine got some hands-on time with a dummy unit for Apple's next iPhone (iPhone 5,1). Dummies are mock-ups put together by accessory manufacturers to test product on in advance of actual hardware. Basically, they want to be ready to launch with the new iPhone, but they're left as much in the dark as anyone else outside of Apple. So, based on rumors, leaks, connections, etc. they build these dummies, which may be dead-on accurate, or dead-wrong. They confirm nothing more or less than a case-maker trusts them enough to build product based on them (which some did last year, and got it wrong to the tune of $10,000 in loses).

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Video of iPhone 5 dummy at IFA 2012

We've seen case manufacturers put together dummy Apple products before, and while they're not always perfectly accurate, they can often be based on actual parts or specs smuggled out of the supply line. The above video was filmed at IFA 2012 and shows a quick hands-on with what could be just such a dummy, in this case an iPhone 5 by GSM Israel News.

Take it as an approximation of what the iPhone 5 might look and handle like, but don't take it as anything more than that.

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