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Cross-platform and ecosystems don't mix well, so I try to stay on the outside

Ecosystem; for some it's why they continually buy devices powered by the same mobile OS. You start out in one place, you start buying music, apps, books, movies, TV shows, the full package. It gets to a point where moving away from that ecosystem will be hard work, because you won't have easy access to all that content. So, you stay.

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When it comes to ecosystem, Apple proves size does matter

I've argued for a while that iTunes was the tip of Apple's sword. Being able to take payments and sell content in more countries than anyone else let them push the App Store farther, faster than any of their competition. Now, years later, no one else is even coming close, and when viewed as an ecosystem play, there still isn't any viable competition. To make matters worse, Apple's model allows them to sell the iPad (and soon, the iPad mini in 90+ countries. And, because they make their money off hardware, they can even sell it where there's still no or limited iTunes support. That lets them seed the market so hardware is in hand when iTunes eventually, and inevitably follows.

By contrast, Amazon's content appliance strategy with its heavily discounted hardware doesn't allow them to sell the Kindle Fire line in any country without an Amazon content store to subsidize it. They literally can't afford to. That means no seeding, and since Amazon has been nowhere nearly as successful as Apple in pushing their content store internationally, very limited distribution.

Here's why that matters...

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Apple Launches iTunes Store in Brazil & Latin America

Apple has announced they're rolling out the iTunes Store to Brazilian and a number of Latin American countries, including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela.

iTunes in the Cloud is available today for free in Brazil and Latin America and iTunes Match is available today for a $24.99 annual fee in Brazil.

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iPhone and MobileMe: Apple's Picks for Getting Your Best Pics

More a cameo than a starring role, never the less the iPhone and MobileMe feature in Apple's latest marketing campaign "Get the most from your Mac: Our picks for getting your best pics":

Let friends download full-resolution images. Enjoy your own online gallery where you can share photos and videos. Let friends download your photos and upload their best shots. You can even publish and view photos directly from your iPhone. Visit a live sample gallery now.

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