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Apple open to opening more APIs in the future, but not for Facebook Home

At D11, when Walt Mossberg came after Tim Cook on the issue of openness, and how Apple wouldn't open their Home screen to Facebook's Chat Heads, and how their keyboard had fallen behind Android third party solutions (like Swype or Swiftkey), Tim Cook responded that Apple would open things up in the future.

Not wide enough for Chat Heads to get in, of course, but wider than what the current iOS SDK allows, and something third parties could do... something with.

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Facebook wants to set up Home - or something - on iOS.

Facebook wants to get Facebook Home on iOS. This should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone familiar with Facebook, their business model, the realities of the smartphone market, and global plans for world domination by anyone, anywhere. Specifically in this case, however, it's Facebook's product director, Adam Mosseri, who's talking it up. According to Bloomberg:

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iMore show 345: Worst audio ever

Guy English of Debug and Kickingbear and Marc Edwards of Iterate and Bjango join Rene to talk about Facebook Home, the iOS 7 interface, and the sega surrounding Sega 12. Also, random hammers, Skype noises, and our worst audio ever! (Sorry!)

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Facebook Home Launch Day commercial

Facebook's latest Facebook Home commercial, Launch Day, shows CEO Mark Zuckerboard addressing the team while one of the members screws around on -- you guessed it -- Facebook Home. As the zero-concentration span dude zips around his Facebook Home, what he sees gets made manifest, be it lawn cart or flood. And... it still seems more than slightly onanistic. It shows off Home for Home's sake, not for users sake.

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Do you want Facebook Home on iOS? [Poll]

Do you want Facebook Home on iOS?

Facebook Home has just launched on Google Play, the Android app store, today. Kinda. Turns out Android may be openy, but it ain't easy. Right now the full Facebook Home experience is only available on the HTC First. An almost-full experience, minus the deeper system hooks HTC made for the First, can be downloaded and installed on other Android devices, but only if they're flagship Samsung or HTC phones. And only in certain countries. That means the shiny Nexus 4 I have sitting next to me right now isn't (yet) invited to this particular Facebook event, nor is any device in my home and native land of Canada.

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Facebook's not-a-phone gets not-a-commercial

Facebook, like Microsoft before it, chose to pitch their new Home interface as people-centric. That's in contrast to the app-centric approach of Apple's iOS Springboard, and other platforms before it dating back to Palm and Newton. To emphasize the difference, and in hopes of selling it to the masses, Facebook has released a commercial of sorts. And... I'm not really sure what vibe they were going for. It seems to land somewhere between the original Palm Pre lady and Google's give-us-all-your-kids-stuff on the creepy scale.

The Facebook not-a-phone is targeted at people for whom Facebook is the primary purpose of the internet. If you're one of those people, chances are you're already okay with Facebook getting all up in your information in exchange for socially sorted communications and connections, I don't know how this commercial helps make you feel good about giving them that level of trust. If you're scared of Facebook and don't want their tentacles anywhere near your life or loved ones, I don't know how this commercial helps move you from that opinion.

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Facebook announces Facebook Home for Android, HTC First for AT&T

Facebook has just finished their new Home on Android event -- see our live blog for the blow-by-blow) and... it pretty much went as expected. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg showed off their new home screen experience for Android, which he described as people-centric vs. app-centric. HTC's Peter Chou introduced the first phone that'll ship with it built-in, the AT&T-bound HTC First. Beyond that, Facebook Home will also be coming to existing Android devices.

And yeah, the HTC First hardware design outline is pretty iPhone-like, which is either conveniently consistent, or depressingly dull, depending on your point of view...

Our Mobile Nations sibling site, Android Central will have continuing coverage throughout the day, so keep it locked there for more.

Meantime, let me know, anything compelling enough about HTC First + Facebook Home to make you consider switching? Or does the mere idea of Facebook getting all up into your phone jammy make you run screaming from the internet?

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