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Facebook Integration

Solve crimes for free with CSI: Hidden Crimes on iOS

Procedural crime shows like CSI (Crime Scene Investigations) can be difficult to adapt to games. But one genre that fits those shows (and mobile) very well is hidden object games. Just as the cops and detectives have to search for clues in order to solve a case, so can players search for items and perform minigames relating to the police work simulated by these shows.

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2020: My Country builds a better city on iOS and Mac

Last year we named Game Insight’s My Country as one of the best simulation games for iPhone. This year, Game Insight followed up with a sequel called 2020: My Country. 2020: My Country initially debuted as an iPad-specific game, but the publisher recently released it for iPhone and Mac OS X as well.

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How to quickly update your Twitter and Facebook status from Notification Center

With iOS 6 you can send a tweet to Twitter or post to Facebook right from Notification Center. Whether you're using the new iPhone 5, or a newly updated iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, the Share Widget makes Twitter and Facebook buttons only a swipe away.

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iOS 6 preview: Facebook integration

iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad in full force. We're talking built-in status sharing, content sharing, calendar and contacts integration, and a whole lot of stuff you can Like, built-in.

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iOS 6 roundup: Maps, Facebook integration, Passbook, Siri enhancements, and more

If you missed any of our WWDC 2012 coverage and what iOS 6 will bring with it this Fall, here's your chance to catch up on everything we've covered when it comes to Apple's next iteration of iOS.

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iOS 6 rumored to debut Facebook integration

Apple may be setting its status to "in a relationship with" Facebook, if new rumors pan out. Apparently iOS 6 will feature Facebook integration similar to what we've seen with Twitter in iOS 5, like being one of the default Share To options, but there's also the possibility that Facebook account integration could enable even easier single sign-on for multiple apps.

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Apple friending FaceBook for iPhone OS 4?

Rumor has it Apple could be increasing their Facebook integration for iPhone OS 4, perhaps to include contact sync and messaging support for end users and Facebook Connect for developers.

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