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Facebook Phone

iMore show 344: Not live from New York


Kevin Michaluk of CrackBerry and Daniel Rubino of Windows Phone Central about dumb smartphone polls, the Facebook not-a-phone, iOS 7 and iPhone 5s rumors, and what we're up to in New York City...

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Editor's desk: Big Apple Apple

I've been in New York City all week at the temporary Mobile Nations HQ working on some amazing stuff. We're not finished yet, which means I can't announce it yet, but I also can't wait to tell you all about it. In the meantime, here's some catch-up on the CrackBerry party, the Facebook event, and what Apple's up to with iOS 7 and the iPhone 5s...

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Mobile Nations live at Facebook phone event, 10am PT/1pm ET. Join us!

Facebook is holding their "New home on Android" event in Menlo Park, California today and we're HALO dropping Phil Nickinson, Iron Man style, to bring you all the live coverage you can handle!

I've got my theories as to the Facebook face-hugger we'll see unveiled, but we won't know for sure until Mark Zuckerberg holds his new HTC First high on stage... and pokes someone.

10am PDT, 1pm EDT. Join us here:

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iMore show 343: Mobile Nations at GDC 2013

Simon Sage, gaming editor for Mobile Nations, joins Rene to talk about PAX East and GDC 2013, the state of mobile gaming in general, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone in specific, and the explosion of free-to-play titles. Also, Facebook's mobile event.

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Facebook's new home on Android

Next Thursday our own Phil Nickinson will be heading over to Facebook's third event of 2013, and their first that promises to be focused on mobile. Perhaps even disruptive to mobile. Phil has questions about the Facebook Android event, important ones, and rightly so. I have no answers, but I do have this.

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Facebook holding Android event on April 4

Facebook is holding another mobile-centric event, this time seemingly specifically for Google's Android operating system. Invitations for the April 4 -- not April 1! -- event went out earlier today:

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Facebook holding special event tomorrow, spurs rumors of Messenger for iPad, Facebook phone

Facebook is holding an Apple-esque special event tomorrow, complete with mysterious "Come see what we're building" tag lines and rumors that run the gamut from a full on Facebook phone, either built on Android or as some new, budget smart-ish phone to let emerging markets share all their data, to new search engine to compete with Google, to a version of Facebook Messenger for iPad.

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How badly do you want an all new, all better Facebook for iPhone app? Well...

Facebook's iPhone app getting a complete, natively-coded, totally re-designed update is once again in the news today, though this time with the names of some former Apple talent behind it. Bloomberg says the people involved in the update include:

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Facebook once again rumored to be making a phone, this time with iPhone talent

The only thing surprising about rumors that Facebook is once again working on their own smartphone is that they're still rumors -- that Facebook is taking so long to figure out a strategy and execute on it. Now *The New Y

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iPhone live 118: Got voice?

Google Voice returns to the App Store and brings some Basic and some Ringtones along for the ride. We're talking Facebook phones, Verizon rumors, Apple buying Faces and Guides, and more. Get social folks, it's iPhone live.

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