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How to preview camera filters in real-time on your iPhone

The Camera app on your iPhone 5s can apply real-time filters to your photographs. That means you get to see their effects live in the preview screen, and make sure you like them, before taking your shot. Why filters? They're a great way to add some variety to your photos. While they aren't suited for every photo, they're definitely fun to play around with. Coming soon with iOS 8, you'll also be able to add third-party app filters to your photos, such as VSCO Cam and more!

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Flickr for iOS gets a filter upgrade and some new camera and editing tools

Yahoo! has pushed out a pretty sizeable update to their Flickr app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, with new and customizable filters and a bunch of new editing tools on board. Theres a new filter pack to choose from, and the filters are now 'live' so you get to assess how things look before snapping your photos.

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What do you think of the iOS 7 Photo filters? [Poll]

What do you think of the iOS 7 camera filters?

So, iOS 7 has filters in its camera app, but what do you think of them? Filters are quite literally everywhere today, with what started at Instagram now spreading far and wide across our favorite mobile apps and services. Twitter has them, so does Google+, not to mention the countless different iOS camera apps that implement filters in some way, shape or form. Maybe someone should sell glasses with interchangeable filter lenses, so we really do see everything through a filter? With such coverage, it was perhaps inevitable that Apple would eventually add their own take on it to their iOS camera app, but do they look any good?

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iOS 7 vs. Instagram vs. Google+ vs. Twitter: Black & White photo filter comparison

I recently previewed the new Camera app Apple will be releasing alongside iOS 7 this fall, and one of the things that stood out for me the most was not so much the inclusion of built-in photo filters - everyone seems to be adding those these days - but the subtly and restraint shown in which filters Apple chose to include. Not only aren't there any tilt-shifts, frames, borders, or vignettes, but there's nothing overly aggressive about Apple's selection in any way. How does that compare to current king of photo sharing, Instagram, and to the other big social photo sharing services, Google+ and Twitter?

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iOS 7 wants: Just put the damn filters in already

A while back I joked on Twitter that if Apple put filters and tilt shift into the built-in Photos app, I'd never use Instagram again. A lot of people maintain Instagram isn't about the filters or effects, but the community, but frankly there are already way too many communities for me to keep track of, and I'd just as soon make as many as possible as redundant as possible.

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iPad App Store updated to include search filters, install buttons

Looks like Apple has made some changes to the App Store on iPad, including adding a slew of filters and will even let you know if any of the resulting apps are already bought/downloaded by giving you a new Install button.

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Forum Review: iFXMagic for the iPhone

[The Lightning Reviews are over, but from their ashes rise... the Forum Reviews! TiPb has assembled a crack team of App-aficionados, and every week we'll be bringing you a few of their very best reviews right here on the blog. And be sure to check out TiPb's iPhone App Store Forum for even more!]

iFXMagic Forum Review by cjvitek

Given the lack of iPhone tools for camera or picture editing (you don't even have some basic filters on the camera!), I saw this program and was pretty excited. It is advertised as a way to add filters to your pictures, including many filters that are commonly found on major software editing packages. So I decided to pick this up and take a look to see what it offered.

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