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Firmware 2.2

iPhone OS 2.2 review

iPhone OS 2.2 build 2.2 5G77, at 246.4MB, is the second major point release to Apple's second generation mobile operating system. Following on release 2.0 (full review) on July 11, and 2.1 (full review) on September 15. Interestingly, while 2.0 had 8 betas, 2.1 only had 4 and 2.2 but 2. Is Apple really getting twice as efficient, or only spending half as much effort getting feedback?

Like 2.1, this update is also available FREE for the iPod Touch. Unlike 2.1, however, Apple is not providing the same functionality to Touch, with the Google Maps update notably missing. Since these updates don't seem dependent on either the cell radio or GPS, it's difficult to imagine why Apple chose to -- we'll say it -- shaft the Touch. Perhaps they'll blame their subscription accounting model again? iSigh.

Remarkable also by it's absence -- again -- is the much ballyhooed Push Notification Service (announced during WWDC 2008), intended to provide the semblance of multi-tasking to 3rd party apps by sending badges, sounds, and pop-ups through a central Apple server to alert users of, for example, new IMs or tweets. (Should we even bother to mention the continued, and continually unexplained, absence of cut and paste, MMS, unified inbox, video recording, etc.)

Note: We updated just fine using iTunes 8.0.1, but you may want to consider grabbing yesterday's 8.0.2 release first.

But enough dwelling on the didn't gets. Read on after the jump for the we gots!

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iPhone 2.2 Now Available! Go Get It! (Unless You've Jailbroken!)

WE CAN HAS IT! iPhone 2.2, 246.4MB of Google Map goodness, podcast OTA downloadiness, Line-out-ified, Emoji-con'd, latest update to Apple's universe denting, storm-breaking mobile computing platform is now available via iTunes!

Just remember, if you've jailbroken, or if you ever want to unlock the 3G, DON'T DO IT.

For the rest of us, let us know how big it is, how fast it's downloading, how long it's taking to install, and what -- if any -- secret features you're finding when you're done!

(Thanks to everyone who wrote in to let us know it was live!)

[Dieter: After the break, Apple's official list of updates!]

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iPhone 2.2 + Security Patch to Hit Tomorrow?!

Macrumors is quoting Spiegel.dewww. as saying that both a new security flaw has been found in iPhone OS 2.1, and that a patch will be included in iPhone OS 2.2 due to drop... tomorrow?!

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Rumor: iPhone OS 2.2 Only 10 Days Away? Nov 21 Release? (via Macrumors) is claiming their sources are claiming that iPhone OS 2.2 is a mere 10 days away, set to drop on November 21st. Nobody outside a very few at Apple -- and maybe the carriers -- know for certain, however, so take this news with a Jobsian-sized grain of salt.

To round up the 2.2 beta features so far (which may or may not make it into the final release, along with whatever secret surprises Apple may have in store):

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iPhone 2.2: App Rating and Direct Podcast Downloads?

(Image via TUAW)

Hot on the heels of all the iPhone 2.2 firmware Beta 2 goodness from Google, which included Street-View, Transit and Walking Directions, and Location Sharing, comes word on a couple more features for us to rumor over. TUAW says:

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iPhone Firmware 2.2 Beta 2: Google Street-View Enabled + Line-in Audio!

MacRumor'd yesterday and confirmed today, Apple has indeed released iPhone firmware 2.2, beta 2 to "select developers".

Google Street View, previously reported, is now enabled, and new finds seem to include SDK support for line-in audio accessories.

Anything else? We'll know when the coders get through digging!

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New iPhone NDA and Apple Seeding iPhone 2.2 Beta 2?

Back when Apple dropped the [redacted] NDA on Oct. 1, a newer, freer version was promised in its place. Now, some three weeks later, Apple makes good on that promise according to MacRumors:

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iPhone 2.2: Google Street View, Auto-Correct Off, and Emoji

Developers are continuing to dig away at iPhone Firmware 2.2 Beta 1, and Macrumors brings word of a few more juicy finds:

First up is Google Street View for Maps, which Android wowed the crowds with at its recent unveiling. Just like location services, however, it looks like Apple and Google will be rolling it in for iPhone users soon enough.

Next is a Settings control to enable or disable the auto-correction feature of the keyboard. Many of our own readers have been asking for this, likely to get their SMS <3, 133t, can has lolcatz, or, you know... other languages on.

Lastly, Japanese Emoji icons seem to have finally found their place in the iPhone-verse.

Still no word, however, on the delayed Push Notification Server support or many of the other most griped about, still curiously omitted features like... oh, we don't know... cut and goram paste?!

So, are these enough new features to wet your 2.2. appetite? Want more? And how important is it to you that Apple balance the amount of new features with the risk of instability a la 2.0?

(Macrumors screenshots after the jump...)

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iPhone 2.2 Firmware Beta 1 Seeded to Select Developers

'Tis soon the season. No, not fall, but new firmware season as Apple has released the first beta for firmware 2.2. Following on the 8 betas for 2.0 (released July 11, which turned out a little on the undercooked side...), and 4 for 2.1 (released September 12, which changed from feature bump to stability patch), 2.2 will hopefully bring us a little Notification Server love, and who knows what else? (Not going to say cut and paste -- a blogger can only get their heart broken so often!). Says Macrumors:

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