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Force Unleashed

iPhone Unleashed Now Available in App Store!

What? Why are you still reading this? Lightsaber Unleashed, the THQ'd official re-release of the PhoneSaber application, is now available from the App Store.

Got it? Good. What do you think? Better than the original? Or totally prequel'd?

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Review: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for iPhone

(Not one, but two premiere game reviews on TiPb today. If you haven’t already checked out the review of Spore for the iPhone, go get your evolution on!)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Mobile) for the iPhone by THQ Wireless is available for $9.99 via the iTunes App Store. Alongside Spore, it's one of the highest profile games released so far for the "funnest iPod (and iPhone) ever".

Now, Star Wars was the first movie I remember seeing in the theater (which, yes, makes me old and tells you something about how big a deal actually going to a movie theater was in the days before PPV, torrentz, and home cinema!) I had a lot of the toys. I played a lot of the video games, from the early Nintendo fare that drove the sound track so far into overuse I still cringe when I hear Jawa, to the truly epic Battlefront II on the original Xbox. I even have had the prequels Jedi-mind-tricked out of my consciousness ("not the Star Wars you were looking for...")

So yes, Star Wars is in my DNA every bit as much as Apple. Put them together and -- even absent Megan Fox -- and The Force Unleashed pretty much had me at announce. But would it hold me? Does THQ deliver Empire-class sizzle, or Phantom-style fizzle?

Check out the review, after the break!

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Force Unleashed in the iPhone App Store Now! (Updated With Preview Gallery!)

Outside Spore, and perhaps the recently demoed Need for Speed, there's no bigger game waiting on this year's iPhone horizon than THQ's Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. And now it's available via the iTunes App Store.

We're already downloading and will be back with a review as soon as we can get with the dark side and bring some order to the galaxy...

You got it yet? How's it seem? Awesome like the original trilogy, or prequel city?

(And any sign of Lightsaber Unleashed yet?)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed preview gallery after the jump!

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UPDATED with Video! iPhone Games: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed!

Hmm. Megan Fox in retro Star Wars chic, hawt she is. But iPhone 3G with latest CGI, rocks it does!

Okay, while I may personally still be waiting for my Battlefront Touch, and accelerometer X-Wing dogfights, Star Wars: the Force Unleashed from THQ brings plenty of lightsaber and force-powered goodness:

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