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Apple ranked as world's most-admired company for the 7th year straight

When you're the most valuable company in the world, the most profitable company of the last three years, and the company that sells the most popular smartphone and tablet, it's no surprise that others look up to you. For the seventh year in a row, Fortune has ranked Apple as the most-admired company on the planet.

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Fortune releases “All About Steve” Kindle eBook

Fortune has released a Kindle eBook entitled “All About Steve, The Story of Steve Jobs and Apple from the Pages of Fortune. This is not to be confused with the authorized biography; that is not due until November. This book is written by the writers of Fortune and is based on past interviews and articles which appeared in the pages of Fortune.

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iPad subscriptions: The Telegraph, Esquire, Popular Mechanics, The Oprah Magazine, Time, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated

A bunch of print newspapers and magazines seem to be finally jumping on board the iPad subscription train, including The Telegraph (UK), Heart properties including Esquire, Popular Mechanics, and O, The Oprah Magazine, and Time has somehow swung a deal to get existing Time, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated readers free access via iPad.

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Jobs Speaks... Again! The Fortune Magazine Interview

What with the shareholders meeting yesterday and the SDK event tomorrow, Apple's often reclusive CEO is downright chatty this week!

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