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iPhone and iPad factory conditions haven't improved says activist group

A Hong Kong-based activist group called The Student & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior has recently issued a report concluding that very little has change in terms of working conditions since the Fair Labor Association published the results of their in-depth audit.

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Foxconn to double iPhone and iPad factory worker salaries by 2013

Foxconn, Apple's major manufacturing partner, has pledged to double salaries by the end of the year to $700. Though that might not sound like a lot, keep in mind that the current $350 base salary is well above the minimum $240/month wage set by the state, though well above the $145/month they were paying in early 2010.

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A rare look at the iPhone 4S assembly line at Foxconn's Zhengzhou factory

A new video has surfaced that gives us an extremely rare look at the iPhone assembly line within a Foxconn factory. Seeing one of these lines in action is a very rare occurrence as Apple is well known for keeping its production processes and products secret. The video is shot in Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant where over seventy percent of Apple’s iPhones are now made.

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Foxconn supposedly preparing to manufacture Apple television set [Updated]

Foxconn chiarman Terry Gou was recently quoted as saying that the manufacturing giant is making preparations for an Apple TV set, which included buying a significant stake in Sharp for access to LCD displays.

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Apple to split factory working condition costs with Foxconn

Foxconn's CEO Terry Gou recently revealed that they intend to split the initial costs of improving factory working conditions following an extensive third-party audit of the facilities where iPads and iPhones are made.

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95% of Apple's Asian employees are within overtime compliance

Since January, Apple's supply chain laborforce has jumped from 84% compliance with overtime standards to 95%, according to this month's Supplier Responsibility report.

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Watch an iPad being assembled at Foxconn’s factory

If you want to see how an iPad is assembled at a Foxconn factory, a new video reveals some of the processes involved. The video is part of a series of reports by Rob Schmitz; who is only the second ever reporter given permission to access the factory floor at Apple’s iPad assembly line.

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Foxconn workers not happy about overtime hours being cut

The Fair Labor Association's report about working conditions at Foxconn, Apple's primary manufacturing partner, vouched that workers would see fewer overtime hours without a change in pay, but employees aren't convinced that they'll be able to keep the same level of income.

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Fair Labor Association reports Foxconn isn't complying Chinese labor laws

The Fair Labor Association has just wrapped up its independent audit commissioned by Apple of the working conditions at Foxconn. After interviewing over 35,000 workers from three different factories, the FLA said their "nearly month-long investigation revealed serious and pressing noncompliances with FLA’s Workplace Code of Conduct, as well as Chinese labor law."

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Foxconn's parent company takes 46.5% stake in Sharp to ramp up display production

Foxconn, Apple's infamous manufacturing partner, today invested heavily in Sharp, a prominent Japanese display manufacturer. Hon Hai, Foxconn's parent company, now owns 46.5% of Sharp, while Sharp will retain another 46.5% and Sony keeps their 7% stake.

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