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Apple and Foxconn offer ABC clarifications on iFactory tour report

The other night, ABC's Nightline got to investigate the humanitarian conditions of Apple's factories, and though there were certainly some interesting findings, there are a few details that Apple and Foxconn wanted to clarify.

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Nightline goes inside Apple's Chinese iFactory

Nightline has aired their well publicized "exclusive look inside Apple's factory in China", which follows a month of media, environmental, and social scrutiny of the Chinese factory system.

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Foxconn buildings covered in suicide nets, though most workers are just sleepy and bored

Although Nightline reports that there are nets just about everywhere at Foxconn to catch anyone trying to commit suicide, depression is apparently not that common. The counseling center is sparsely used, and most of the workers were simply tired from their 10-to-12-hour shifts.

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Apple grants ABC's Nightline exclusive access to their suppliers' factories in China

Responding to the ongoing controversy surrounding working conditions in Chinese factories, Apple has granted ABC News and their Nightline series exclusive access to go inside Foxconn and take a look around. Nightline new anchor Bill Weir has gone to Shenzhen China with film crew in tow to bring back the visual documentation of what exactly happens there.

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Apple welcomes Fair Labor Association voluntary inspections to its Foxconn assembly lines

Apple has voluntarily requested that the Fair Labor Association conduct special audits of its final assembly suppliers. Apple has moved very quickly following the damning report by the New York Times last month where workers’ rights and safety whilst working on the manufacture and assembly of Apple products was in question.

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iPhone and iPad manufacturer Foxconn hacked by Swagg Security, e-mail addresses and passwords leaked

Foxconn, a major manufacturing partner for Apple and many others in the electronics industry, has recently been hacked by a group called Swagg Security.

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40,000 petition Apple for "ethical" iPhone 5 manufacturing

SumOfUs has launched a petition to get Apple to create the iPhone 5 in a fully ethical manner, and has already garnered over 40,000 signatures.

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Foxconn plans to build five additional iPad production plants in Brazil

Apple's largest production partner, Foxconn, has plans to build five new production plants in Brazil to help support the growing demand for the iPad tablet.

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iPad production in Brazil gets tax breaks

While Brazilian-made iPads might be a bit behind schedule, they're shaping up to be ready shortly. The government has recently confirmed that Foxconn has qualified for local tax breaks.

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