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Potential Hiccup in iPhone 4 Free Case Program?

It's cool that Apple is willing to give us  free bumpers and cases, but their system may be a little "flawed" to say the least.  After the announcement went up, I immediately downloaded the bumper app and typed in my iTunes password, it brought me to the selection screen. (By the way, is anyone else only seeing black bumpers? Where's all the colors?!?)  Seeing only black was available, I went ahead and got a black.  My order processed no problem. Unless you count the ridiculous 3-5 week shipping window.

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Should iPad apps be free if you already own the iPhone version?

If you've bought [App X] for the iPhone and the developer makes [App X] for the iPad, should you get the iPad version for free?

We've seen developers like Instapaper's Marco Arment specifically making "universal binaries" so users who bought the $4.99 Pro version can download an iPhone update, install it on their iPad, and get an iPad-specific user interface (UI) as well. (Think of it as two similar apps in one handy download).

We've also seen leaked screenshots have shown "HD" or "for iPad" versions of many popular iPhone apps and games that are being released as separate, all new downloads. In many cases these HD apps offer substantial differences brought about by the bigger screen real-estate and beefier processing power of the iPad and will carry their own price tag and perhaps be more expensive than the iPhone versions due to the greater effort put into them (more pixels, more functionality).

Some users no doubt feel entitled to free iPad versions if they already bought the iPhone version while some developers likewise feel entitled to get paid for the work they put into making different versions for a different device.

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iPad iBookstore to Include Project Gutenberg Catalog?

AppAdvice has followed up their $9.99 bestseller sneak-peak with more screenshots they claim come from the pre-release iPad iBooks and iBookstore, this time indicating Apple is including that massive Project Gutenberg library of free eBook content right in the app.

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Apps for Less: Classics Free post-iPad, iBomber Free, Battle Bears is Free Today Only!

e-Book reader Classics [iTunes link, which like Delicious Library saw its UI copied by Apple's new iPad iBooks app, has decided to go free in celebratory protest. Gorgeous app, great public-domain content, so check it out.

iBomber [iTunes link] is also free, thou

To celebrate the 2,000,000 download mark one of the top games of 2009, Battle Bears, [iTunes Link] is now FREE for today only in the App Store!

Check out the video of Battle Bears in action after the break!

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TiPb Give Away: 10 FREE Copies of Twitbit for iPhone!

TiPb loves to give back to our readers with our give aways, so why not give away my personal favorite Twitter app in all of the Apple App Store, Twitbit!

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UPDATED: iTunes Offers Free Holiday Sampler by Various Artists to iPhone/iPod Owners

If you been searching for some holiday music for your iPhone or iPod, iTunes has you covered with the iTunes Holiday Sampler by various artists. Oh, and not only is it free for one week, it's an iTunes LP so you get all the goods including lyrics, images and artwork, and so on.

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Apps for Less: All Chilli X Apps Free Today

For those of you who are not familiar with our Apps for Less posts, they are a great way for us to point out a few good iPhone (and iPod touch) applications available in the App Store that are currently on sale, or ones that have come down permanently to a price that we feel are worth mentioning to our readers.

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Live in Japan? Want an iPhone 3G for FREE?

And we thought $99 rumors at Walmart sounded cheap! According to Apple Insider, if you live in Japan and don't mind signing a 2-year deal with official carrier SoftBank, you can take home an 8GB iPhone 3G for FREE!

No matter the exchange rate, zero is zero, so if you've been holding out for an iPhone of your very own, is this finally enough the sway you? And most importantly, what Emoji will you use to express your free iPhone feelings?

(For our non-Japanese readers think AT&T, Rogers, or any other carrier will match this deal any time soon..?

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Hudson Offering Free iPhone Games Right Now

Hudson, maker of a ton of different iPhone games, is offering a limited time free download for three of their most popular games! We already told you about Aqua Forest, but now Catch the Egg and Neo Same Game have also been price dropped to the low, low price of FREE. Act fast and download now because the free trial offer is supposed to end on Oct 12th, which is only a couple hours away!

Here are the iTunes Store Links:

Aqua Forest (formerly $7.99)

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Apps for Less! Aqua Forest, Enigmo, Moto Chaser, GTS World Racing, iTip

With the economic crunch harshening everyone's mellow, we here at TiPb are all about saving money for our faithful readers! Every week we will bring to your attention a few apps from Apple's Official App Store that are on sale or have dropped in price. Now keep in mind we have not tested all of these apps so we can not vouch on the quality of them all, but what we can promise you is we will weed out the poorly rated apps and only present to you the better ones.

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