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App Watch: Pocket Express Info Browser

Pocket Express aggregates topical and commonly browsed information and presents it to you in and integrated and user-friendly iPhone interface. If you've got a regular jones on for fast and frequent News, Sports, Weather, Entertainment, Travel Information, and more. Check out the demo vid and if it interests you, head on over to the iPhone App Store.

Oh, yeah: It's FREE!

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O2 to Offer iPhone 3G for "Free"?!

Current iPhone user on UK's O2 network eager to get your hands on the hot new iPhone 3G, yeah? Ready to act fast, are you? Willing to sign up for O2's premium £45 or £75 per month plans, eh? If so -- and for a limited time only -- you could qualify for a free iPhone 3G 8GB or 16GB respectively. Cracking deal, innit?

Bargain hunters looking for the £35 plan will have to fork over £99 or £159 for their handsets, as will any newcomers to the platform. Doesn't seem cricket, does it?

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iPhone Wi-Fi Redux: AT&T & Boingo?

Let's do some catching up. First, iPhone users had free AT&T Wi-Fi at their hotspots. Then we lost it. Then it popped back up. Then it disappeared. And now we're going to get it...eventually? If and when they do decide to officially give free Wi-Fi to iPhone users (June, perhaps?), I will be the first to commend them.

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