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FreedomPop announces the Freedom Sleeve WiMax iPod touch case with included data allowance

FreedomPop has announced that it will soon offer the Freedom Sleeve which is an iPod touch case that includes a WiMax mobile hotspot. The idea is to enable iPod touch users to have continuous access to a data connection and be able to make and receive phone calls through VoIP services like Skype.

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iOS slammed as "crystal prison" by Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Electronic Frontiter Foundation (EFF), an electronic rights activist group, has recently labeled the iPhone and iPad app ecosystem as a "crystal prison" for developers and end-users. The EFF's main justifications for this conclusion include Apple's content filters, restrictions on code usage (like ones tapping into AirPlay uninvited), and limiting developers to using Apple's payment infrastructure (though some devs seem pretty happy with the current set-up).

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