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How to create Friend groups on Apple Watch

Just because the Friends button only shows you 12 contacts doesn't mean you're only limited to 12 total on your Apple Watch: You can create as many groups of friends and family as you want.

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How to set up your Friends list on Apple Watch

Put your most important contacts at your fingertips with the "Friends" list on Apple Watch. Then, you can quickly access them just by pressing the Side button. We show you how.

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We're going to need a bigger Friends interface...

Friends is a new communications interface on Apple Watch, important enough that it's assigned to a single press of the Side button.

Laid out like a clock, you have twelve Friends slots — one for each hour position — that you can assign to your contacts on the Apple Watch and cycle through using the Digital Crown. Apple offers to populate Friends with your iPhone Favorites during set up, but you can easily assign or reassign Friends at any point using the Apple Watch for iPhone app. While the clock position interface is fun, and twelve sounds like a lot, the limitations can assert themselves quickly and... awkwardly.

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Facebook rumored to be launching a ‘Find My Friends’ type app next month

Facebook is rumored to be releasing an app that will help you keep an eye on where your Facebook friends are at any given time. The app which is being compared to Apple’s “Find My Friends” is said to be able to run in the background and can automatically update with a user’s location so friends can easily find them.

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New and updated iPhone and iPad apps for Monday, July 11

Every day, TiPb gets flooded with announcements for new and updated iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps and games. So every day we pick just a few of the most interesting, the most notable, and simply the most awesome to share with you!

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Is Game Center capped at 500 friends?

Game Center, Apple's new live gaming network for iOS, seems to be capped at roughly 500 friends per account. A few days ago, after reaching 501, my account stopped receiving new friend requests. I didn't notice at first since I'd turned off popups and trumpets, and assumed it would slow down after the initial iOS 4.1 launch rush.

Then I saw this tweet from MuscleNerd:

So much for my not-so-secret plan to break GameCenter! They're capping my friend count at around 500 (as soon as I delete 1, I get 1 new request)

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Gowalla for iPad - app review

Gowalla for iPad is a social app from some fine folks in Austin, TX that allows you to check-in to locations, see where your friends are checking-in, collect items and complete trips. Gowalla for iPad is available now in the App Store for free [Free- iTunes Link]

Gowalla is the newest entry into the whole "check-in" craze. Why check-in? With Gowalla the main goals are to see where your friends are and to collect items. However, this process is mainly reserved for the iPhone app. The iPad version of Gowalla provides beautiful access to view your activities (where you and your friends have checked-in), see what spots are in your area (spots are places to check-in) and your Passport (a summary of where you have checked in, stamps, pins and items collected.

This app is an excellent companion app to its iPhone cousin. The large screen really gives you great access to view where your friends are in real-time across the world. You can pinch and zoom from your city to the whole world in a breeze. You can learn more about a location or friend by tapping on their name on the map. Spots also dynamically appear when the map is moved to a new location, very slick.

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