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Fuel Cell

Solar and fuel cell farms for Apple's North Carolina data center now completely operational

The solar farms and fuel cells meant to power Apple's data center in North Carolina are now all online, and we have a better idea about how it all works. Apple's sites are the largest privately-owned clean energy centers in the country, and consist of two solar farms and and a fuel cell farm.

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Nectar fuel cell provides 2 weeks of on-the-go power for your iPhone or iPad

Live from CES 2013, Simon Sage talks to Nectar about their fuel cell for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and anything other USB powered device.

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Portable fuel cell charger can keep your iPhone fully charged for up to two weeks

A new portable fuel cell charger will be available to buy this year that claims to be able to recharge your iPhone between 10 and 14 times. The small charging device does not need to be recharged by plugging it in; it works with replaceable fuel cell cartridges which can even be carried on planes.

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