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Game Developer

SceneKit in iOS 8: Explained

Games are the single biggest category of products available for download in the App Store, so it's fitting that iOS 8 sees changes designed to help game developers. One of those changes is the addition of SceneKit, a technology first introduced for OS X developers in Mountain Lion in 2012. SceneKit helps developers to more quickly render game scenes in 3D. It's not aimed at developers working on sophisticated console-quality games; instead, SceneKit is aimed at makers of more casual fare.

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Unity updated with MFi game controller support for iOS 7

Unity, the game engine used to create countless titles for iOS and other platforms, got a 4.2.2 update that the company announced via its blog on Friday. Among the changes is support for game controllers in iOS, according to Unity.

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Apple Hiring Gaming Engineer for iPhone Team

Apple is looking to hire an experienced multimedia engineer for the iPhone and iPod touch, who's a passionate gamer and has shipped at least one "AAA" game in the last few years.

While first-party titles are a mainstay, and main point of attraction for dedicated gaming platforms like Nintendo (Mario), Microsoft (Halo), and Sony (Little Big Planet), so far all Apple has offered its "funnest iPod ever" is Texas Hold'em back in 2007.

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