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TreSensa brings web-based games to iOS with no muss, very little fuss

Practically every game engine evangelizes how effortlessly it allows developers to port from one platform to another, to say nothing of their fancy graphical features and 3D effects. All very lovely and impressive, no doubt. Then there’s TreSensa, an engine designed to make porting web-based games to iOS and other platforms a snap. TreSensa powers a variety of casual games including Vector Runner Remix, StranDead, and Run and Bun. Read on to learn about these games and the engine that brings them to life.

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EA's Frostbite game engine promises cool new games for iOS

Digital Illusions CE (DICE), the Swedish developer owned by EA, recently launched a Web site to tout its Frostbite game engine, the underpinning that powers the popular Battlefield franchise and other games. The company has revealed that plans are afoot to bring Frostbite to mobile platforms including iOS and Android, according to "Nirolak" at the NeoGAF video game discussion forum.

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