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Game Insight will reinvent city building games with My Country 3D on iOS

The next step for the My Country series, My Country 3D, will allow players to grow and manage a thriving city from a bird's eye view all the way down to street level, interacting with individual citizens and taking care of their needs. Read on for our detailed preview with exclusive screenshots!

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Exclusive look at the next big update for cross-platform strategy game Cloud Raiders

During a recent visit to Game Insight, we checked out the next update for multiplayer raiding game Cloud Raiders. No other raiding game is fully cross-platform between Windows, Android, and iOS. Read on to learn what's coming next to Cloud Raiders, complete with hands-on video!

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Cloud Raiders brings cross-platform clashes to iOS

One of the best games in the burgeoning casual strategy genre has finally arrived on iOS: Game Insight’s Cloud Raiders. This one brings a lot of polish, not to mention full cross-platform multiplayer and cloud saves. If you’re looking for a competitive raiding game to play with your Android, Windows Phone, and Facebook friends – look no further.

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Build a fantasy village and take it anywhere in The Tribez & Castlez

In the mobile gaming world, Game Insight is pretty much the king of city builders. We’ve covered the Russian publisher’s futuristic entry 2020: My Country in the past, but their history with the genre goes back farther than that. One of their early hits was 2012’s The Tribez, in which players built a city for a tribe of primitive inhabitants.

Today Game Insight follows up with a new installment, The Tribez and Castlez! This one takes the game into ­ medieval fantasy setting – as well as throwing in some tower defense gameplay that you wouldn’t usually find in the city building genre. It’s out now and free on iOS.

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2020: My Country builds a better city on iOS and Mac

Last year we named Game Insight’s My Country as one of the best simulation games for iPhone. This year, Game Insight followed up with a sequel called 2020: My Country. 2020: My Country initially debuted as an iPad-specific game, but the publisher recently released it for iPhone and Mac OS X as well.

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Tank Domination Review: Fight for the flag on iOS

Game Insight is one of the largest mobile software publishers in Russia, where it organizes the Live Mobile! European Mobile Congress. The publisher – historically known for its casual titles like the My Country series, made its first foray into more serious games with an MMORPG called Dragon Eternity earlier this year.

Now Game Insight returns with their most hardcore title yet: Tank Domination. Similar to Tanktastic and World of Tanks, Tank Domination is a large-scale competitive online game. With 10-against-10 online battles, a large array of realistic tanks, and even the celebrity voice talent of Michael Ironside, Tank Domination aims to be a serious contender in the tank combat genre.

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