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Apple working on curved-glass display for the iPhone 6 in 2012?

Randomly accurate rumor site Digitimes is once again beating the drum on rumors they spurred up back in May about Apple prepping a curved-glass design across iOS devices including the iPhone 6 for 2012.

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iPad 2 glass 27% thinner, yet stronger than original iPad?

Perhaps to save weight, the glass screen of the iPad 2 is 27% thinner than the glass screen on the original iPad yet this new test by iFixYouri shows it might be even stronger. Or to quote them:

“That glass was redonkulously strong!”

The increase in strength seems to come from greater flexibility. They performed a number of tests, including drops, without breaking the glass. Video after the break.


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iPhone 5 set to abandon glass back in favor of aluminum?

According to a translated Chinese source (I know, a little sketchy to say the least) the iPhone 5 will revert to an aluminum back panel, in place of the latest generation's entire glass affair. The picture above is a concept however we would expect Apple to also provide a flash for the camera!

The source claims that Apple will dump the glass panel due to problems with scratching, breaking and the weight of the panel. The iPhone 5 is claimed to more resemble the latest iPod touch design. The original iPhone also had an aluminum rear panel and many still believe this model had the best build quality.

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iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS in Pictures

You didn't really think we'd let you get through a day without setting the iPhone 4 down next to the iPhone 3GS, did you?

The verdict? Well obviously we prefer the iPhone 4, but we will say that the lack of a curved back has us flipping the device around quite a bit post-pocket-pull. But the iPhone 4 is thinner, feels nicer to our hands, and... well there are a lot of "ands," the last of which is ...and you'll have to wait for our full review for our full opinion.

Ok, we'll let one thing out now: while you may have pooh-poohed the Retina display from what you've seen before, when it comes to viewing text there's just plain nothing else like it out there. We've included a detail shot of the Retina Display up against the iPhone 3GS's display after the break (along with the rest of the gallery) and we're pretty sure it'll put most arguments to rest. Yes, it's not necessary to read web pages or ebooks, but seeing electronic text at this level of refinement changes you, deep down, and suddenly all other electronic text looks like amateur-hour.

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Is the iPhone 4 glass shatterproof?

There has been a good deal of debate about the strength and durability of the glass front and back plates on the new iPhone 4. I have to admit, I worry that this doubles the chances that I will scratch, crack or break my iPhone 4. Others feel that the iPhone 4 glass will be exceptionally durable with one person even mentioning that the glass will be bullet proof, similar to the glass on military tanks. I am not that optimistic.

Apple talked about the iPhone 4 face/back glass properties in their promo video:

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4th gen iPhone to have ceramic backing, Apple A4-like SoC?

Following up on the crazy that was yesterday's iPhone G4 (iPhone HD/iPhone 4G) hardware leaks, Daring Fireball looked into the glass-like backing of the device, and brings up an old Apple patent for fancy, futuristic ceramics:

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From the Forums: Glass Up or Down, MMS, iPhone Help

Welcome to From the Forums. If you are curious as to what all of the hot topics are on the TiPb forums, this is the place to be. In order to create any new threads of your own or reply to any of the existing threads, you must be a registered member. Becoming a member is a simple process that will only take a few minutes out of your day, so if you have not already already done so, head on over and register now.

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Apple to Exploding iPhones: Screen Pressure not Battery to Blame

Apple has finished their investigation in the case of the exploding iPhones/Pods and the results are not shocking - the battery malfunction theory has been rejected. It was first rumored that defective batteries were more than likely the cause of the devices going boom but as it turns out, excess force was the reason - according to Apple.


blockquote>"The iPhones with broken glass that we have analysed to date show that in all cases the glass cracked due to an external force that was applied to the iPhone."

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