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Snipe your way to victory in 'Contract Killer: Sniper'

Glu, the developer behind a number of popular mobile games, has released 'Contract Killer: Sniper' today. The game, which is the third in the series thus far, puts you in the shoes of a master assassin who is tasked with offing a number of high-profile targets.

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GDC 2014: Casual pillaging with Pirates of Everseas

On top of looking at Frontline Commando 2 at GDC 2014, we checked out another game from Glu that's launching this week called Pirates of Everseas. On the surface, it's a casual city building game where you collect coins from houses and resources from farms on your own little tropical island.

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GDC 2014: Up close and personal with Frontline Commando 2

We met up with the folks from Glu at GDC 2014 to talk about their recent release, Frontline Commando 2. The original was a fantastic finger-friendly shooter where players dove between bits of cover and strategically pop their heads out to take out aggressors, and for the sequel they've added a whole bunch of new features. This time you're not alone, and have a wide range of AI allies that you can call in for supportive fire. There's also a competitive PVP mode where players can take the fight online. As usual, there's a massive armory of weapons and equipment to purchase and customize as you progress through the campaign, but the graphics on everything have been seriously amped up compared to the original.

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GDC 2013 day one

The Game Developers Conference -- GDC -- got off to a slow if dignified start yesterday. The show floor doesn't open until later in the week but the workshops are well underway, and everyone from first time developers to seasoned producers are getting together, sharing what they know, and learning from each other.

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Hands-on with Frontline Commando: D-Day

We swung by the Glu offices while prepping for GDC 2013 today to check out their next Frontline Commando game, due to launch this Thursday. You'll find a lot of the same third-person, duck-and-cover action of the franchise, along with a few new elements that really sets it apart.

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