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golden gate

'Golden gate': Why was the iPhone 5s launch day plagued by a critical lack of gold?

Apple launched the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s today and while the pop-art inspired iPhone 5c - thanks to it being an easier-to-manufacture branch of last year's iPhone 5 with an even easier-to-manufacture polycarbonate shell - was, by all accounts, in plentiful supply despite pre-orders starting a week ago, the higher-end iPhone 5s was not. Especially the gold version. My Apple Store had 7 and no 16GB models. Other stores we've heard about had 2 to 10. We haven't heard of non-Apple retailers having many, if any gold stock either. By any measure, they were incredibly, ludicrously constrained. And the reaction by die-hard, line-up-overnighter customers has been loud.

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