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Review + Giveaway: Golla Bags for iPhone 4S

If you're the type of person that doesn't like to put a physical case on their iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, the Golla line of pouches may be more up your alley. While you aren't using your iPhone they'll do a great job of protecting it as well as giving you a bit of storage space for things such as credit cards or an ID.

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Golla vs. Otterbox Defender in iPhone 4 BJJ Death Match

If you had to go into a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu death match with your precious iPhone 4, which case would you be better off taking with you -- the Golla Stunt Pouch or Otterbox Defender? Soft, plush fabric with the security of a magnetic flap and belt loop, or hard plastic beneath flexible silicone in a easy on, easy off holster? That's the challenge they put to me and my husband, Antony in the debut episode of TiPb's Amazing Case, our hardcore, case vs case tests of strength, durability, and performance.

We figure if either -- or both -- of these cases can survive being slammed to the mats, rolled on and over, pinned and punished, then they can survive pretty much whatever normal, day-to-day use throws at them.

Follow on after the jump for the tale of the tape, and the give-away!

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iPhone Golla Bags -- Or, iPhone Cases I'd Want on Judgement Day

Why did I choose the iPhone Golla Bags for iPhone [$19.99 - iMore Store link] for my first TiPb accessory review? Well, I have tried a wide variety of cases. Being active, I need a case that can withstand life's little brutalities (includes being dropped, kicked, drooled on by a baby, or just plain surviving a day in my purse). So, when choosing my first review item the question that came to mind was: which iPhone case would Sarah Conner use?

Well, she would probably have a triple-lined Kevlar pouch with extra ammo clips, but if she was stuck with stock, I think she -- like me -- would go for the iPhone Golla Bag. Here's why...

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Review: Golla Cube Black Music Case for iPhone

Today we are looking at the Golla Cube Music Black Pouch for the iPhone 3G, iPhone and iPod Touch. I currently use a hip holster for my iPhone 3G, but I have been looking to branch out to something a little more β€œhip”. The Golla case fits that bill perfectly! Want something that looks good? Has a few extra pockets to store cash and cards? Look no further than a Golla pouch!

Read on for the full review!

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Review: Golla Camo Washed Green Vertical Pouch for iPhone

The Golla Camo Washed Green Vertical Pouch for iPhone, available now at the phonedifferent store (TiPB) for $19.95 here, is a casual and trendy way to carry your iPhone, whether you are backpacking in the outback or cruising the urban jungle.

To get your Golla guerrilla groove on, tune in after the break for a review of this swanky iPhone case from Golla!

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