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Guided Access

How to disable access to certain areas of the screen with Guided Access for iPhone and iPad

If you've got an iPhone or iPad running iOS 6 or higher, you've got Guided Access. This feature is especially great to use with small children that you don't want to have access to certain apps. Once you've launched them into the app they are allowed to be in, you can take it one step further by disabling touch for certain areas of the screen you may not want them having access to.

Follow along and we'll show you how.

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How to set a passcode for Guided Access on iPhone and iPad

Once you've enabled Guided Access within your iPhone or iPad's accessibility options, you may have noticed that you can just as easily disable it as you can enable it from inside apps. If you don't want the person using your iPhone or iPad to be able to disable Guided Access on their own, you can set a passcode which will be required in order to exit Guided Access mode.

Here's how:

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How to enable Guided Access on iPhone and iPad

The iPhone and iPad come native with lots of accessibility options that can make using them a lot easier for people with impairments. That isn't the only reason Apple gives many accessibility options though. Guided Access is a perfect example of how you can lock down an iPhone or iPad for use by children or even to create a guest user mode so others using your devices can't access things you don't want them to.

Follow along and we'll show you how to properly set up and use Guided Access on iPhone and iPad.

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How to put your iPad into "Guest User" mode with Guided Access

The iPad is a fantastic, big screen devices with a great web browser and amazing games, and anyone who sees it is likely going to want to borrow it to use or just to try out. If you need to lend your iPad, however, all your personal content, messages, email, etc. get lent out with it. And that cause problems because unlike traditional computers, the iPad doesn't support multiple accounts, or even a restricted "Guest User" mode.

But with iOS 6, you can use the brand new Guided Access mode (or single-app mode) to simulate it.

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iOS 6 preview: Guided Access and single-app mode

Something that Apple absolutely does not get enough credit for is their longstanding -- and outstanding -- support for accessibility features, and iOS 6 is no exception. To the already impressive list of accessibility features, Apple is adding Guided Access, a way to lock the iPad into a single app, to help people with autism or similar challenges work independently, without having to worry about accidentally closing an app. It also provides single-app mode functionality for everyone, which makes the iPad far more useful for everything from school tests to mall kiosks.

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Guided Access accessibility feature coming to iOS6

When iOS 6 becomes available for the masses it will be bringing along a new accessibility feature with it as introduced today at WWDC 2012. Guided Access as it is called, will allow users to selectively remove portions of a screen from use, disable hardware buttons or even disable certain portions of an app.

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