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Help Wanted

iMore is hiring! We're looking for a full-time assistant editor!

iMore is looking for a full-time assistant editor. We're looking for someone with excellent industry knowledge, both about Apple and about mobile and consumer electronics in general, and the ability to communicate that knowledge to a wide-ranging audience, from experts to mainstream to first time users. We're looking for someone to be responsible not only for creating original content, but helping coordinate content creation with the rest of the iMore staff, and the Mobile Nations network. We're looking for someone who'll wear many hats and do many different things. News, app and accessory reviews, how-tos, opinion, audio and video, trade shows and conferences -- it'll all be in a day's work.

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Smartphone Experts is Looking for a Developer!

Got mad developer skills and a deep, enabling love for smartphones and their communities? Well, Smartphone Experts, the network behind and many of your other favorites like,, and a host of others, is looking for YOU!

For more info, check out Dieter's post in the forums.

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