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Creator of iconic Tri-tone details how the now familiar Apple sound came to be

If you've ever wondered where the famous Apple Tri-tone sound came from, you now have your answer. Created by Kelly Jacklin, the sound was originally intended for the program that eventually became SoundJam MP, which then became iTunes after it was acquired by Apple.

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Add more browsing functionality with BackForwardList for Safari [jailbreak]

If you use Safari rather frequently on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch you may want to check out BackForwardList for Safari. The main purpose is to enhance the functionality of the back and forward buttons.

Instead of tapping to go back a page, you can hold down on the back or forward button to gain quick access to your history. I've found this useful when I want to go back to a site I was browsing a few pages back. It's much easier than just tapping on the back button multiple times.

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Origins of iPhone Multi-Touch... the Piano?!

We know the score. Apple now holds a veritable smorgasbord of multi-touch patents, some dating way back before the iPhone, and some coming from their 2005 acquisition of a company called Fingerworks, and the innovative talents of Wayne Westerman and John Elias. But from whence did they draw their inspiration? MacRumors pulls the relevant quote from a University of Delware article:

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Jobs Speaks... Again! The Fortune Magazine Interview

What with the shareholders meeting yesterday and the SDK event tomorrow, Apple's often reclusive CEO is downright chatty this week!

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