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Homeland is back, catch up on iTunes now!

If you're a fan of Homeland, the immensely popular spy drama, the good news is that the long wait for season 4 is now at an end. Or it is if you're Stateside, us Brits have to wait another week, so no spoilers! In any case whether you're a long standing fan, someone who's never seen a single episode or anywhere in between, catching up with your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV is a breeze with iTunes!

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Homeland being added to UK and Ireland Netflix today, there goes the weekend!

British and Irish folks looking for a weekend Netflix binge need look no further than Homeland. The first two seasons of the smash hit show are being added to the UK and Ireland Netflix collection today, March 13, for the very first time. Until now we've been able to get episodes pretty much as they air via the iTunes Store, but at a considerably higher price than a monthly Netflix subscription.

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UK and Australian Homeland fans, grab your new season pass from iTunes now!

This past weekend here in the UK saw a much awaited TV event; the premiere of Homeland Season 3. While we're running a week behind our American friends – so no spoilers, thanks! – we do have a slight advantage in that the iTunes Store has the new season ready to purchase right now. Better still, folks down in Australia can also jump on board and snag their own new season pass.

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Homeland: Carrie's Run is an original prequel novel heading to iBooks in September

If, like me, you're chewing your fingers off waiting on Homeland season 3 to begin in just over a month's time, there's something heading to the iBooks Store a little sooner that may help pass the time. Homeland: Carrie's Run is a new, original novel based on the hit TV show that promises to be a prequel, in the sense that it follows the backstory of one of the lead characters before the events at the beginning of the first season.

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