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I Am Rich

iPhone 3G Bling Edition

Think your iPhone 3G needs some sprucing up? Hate that the chrome bezel of the iPhone 3G scratches too easily? Well,ย for those who are wealthy beyond even the most wildest dreams, you can now get the diamond edition of the iPhone 3G. With only 50 being made worldwide, it'll cost $10,000 for the first 10 customers with the other 40 being priced at a later point.

Here's the lowdown on the diamonds:

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$999 "I Am Rich" Video Walkthrough

Purportedly one of the eight [redacted] people who bought I Am Rich has gone all Paris with the video making, and decided to show the rest us more than maybe we needed to really know about the $999 proof that P.T. Barnum was right -- again.

And no need to hurry on that hacked version either, b'okay?

(via TUAW)

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8 People Bought 'I Am Rich', the $999.99 app

You see that picture? That's the $999.99 app that we've already warned you about. So please, if you're interested in that red ruby of a status symbol, simply save that image to your iPhone and use it as a wallpaper or something. Don't go buying this completely featureless program for $999.99 !! But sadly, it's too late for 8 people who have already purchased the app. According to the developer there is even more waiting for it to come back to the app store.

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Regarding that 'I Am Rich' App - Use a Credit Card instead of a Debit Card on your Account

Our beloved series of tubes has been going crazy over the "I Am Rich" application from the App store. It's a $999 application that does nothing but prove you've got $999 to blow on an application which displays a red diamond. It's a little funny, as Kottke points out, as a commentary on the iPhone as status symbol.

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