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Anatomy of an iOS 7 icon redesign

iOS 7 is coming this fall - perhaps as soon as mid-September - and in terms of design language and user experience, it'll hit like something shot out of a mass driver. Not only will customers have to transition to a newly objectified, gamified, and dynamic interface, developers and designers will have create matching, perhaps transcending apps to go along with it. How much work will that be? Well, the incredibly talented and generous team over at the Iconfactory have shared their journey in updating xScope mirror for iOS 7:

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Cracking the iOS 7 icon superellipse formula

Not only does iOS 7 seem to ever-so-slightly increase the size of iPhone icons, it seems to move away from the more common rounded-rectangle shape to the more complex superellipse. Hopefully Apple will provide tools to make generating curves of this type easier for developers and designers, but in the meantime Marc Edwards of Bjango has been doing a lot of maths (his spelling, not mine!) and has come up with something that seems to match up very well.

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iOS 7 and a second coat of paint

Parts of iOS 7 shown off by Apple during the WWDC Keynote and on Apple.com look like we're still seeing the design briefs or wireframes rather than the final assets. Palettes have been chosen, elements have been put in place, but so far it looks like iOS 7 hasn't been given the level of polish we've come to expect from Apple, even during the beta stage. From icons to interface elements to typography, we seem to be getting a very rare glimpse at a very early work-in-progress, and something that still needs of a second coat of design paint.

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The importance of app icons

Renowned icon and app designer Louis Mantia -- who's been a guest on our design show, Iterate, not once but twice -- has shared his thoughts on app icons and their importance in an article on mantia.com:

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Apple alerts developers to new catalog reports, iTunes Connect Mobile 2.0, and 1024x1024 icon requirements

Apple has sent an e-mail to developers informing them that new submissions will require icons that are 1024 x 1024 pixels starting in July. This is a sharp increase from the current minimum of 512 x 512, though apple has been recommending 1024 x 1024 for awhile now.

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Add effects and transitions to your app icons with Motion [jailbreak]

Motion is a new jailbreak utility in Cydia that makes your iPhone homescreen just a bit more interesting. While motion may not add a ton of functionality to your device, it's a fun tweak to play around with and show off to your friends.

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Daily Tip: How to personalize your new iPhone or iPad to make it your own

New to iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and curious how to set up a new ringtone, change a wallpaper, or arrange your app icons and folders, and otherwise personalize it and make it your own? Luckily these tasks can be completed quite simply, so let's take a look at how they are done.

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Daily Tip: How to adjust icon labels and transparency with Alphacon [jailbreak]

Wondering how to easily and quickly adjust the transparency of your icons or turn off labels? If you Jailbreak, you may want to check out Alphacon. Other apps like Winterboard allow you to do this but if you want something much more simple, Alphacon is it.

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Daily Tip: How to improve the look of your home screen Safari bookmark icons

Wondering how to make your home screen Safari bookmarks (Web Clips) look better? If the site you visited hasn’t made the effort to create a proper home page icon, all you end up with is a screenshot of the webpage. If the page is mostly text it can look awful on your home screen. Well the good news is there is a work around that will allow you to improve the look of that icon. We’ll show you how, after the break!

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Daily Tip: How to extract Apple's default iPhone and iPad icons in Xcode

Wondering how to get your hands on the PNG files Apple uses for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad interface icons? If you're a developer running Xcode and for some reason you can't use the default controls but want your custom controls to look just like them, you're in luck, UIKit-Artwork Extractor by 0xced will get you everything from the action button to the trash can, Emoji to the glossy effect.

UIKit Artwork Extractor extracts all the artwork and emoji symbols contained in UIKit into png files.

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