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Aztec Antics review: Grab some controllers, unleash local multiplayer!

If you picked up the recently released MOGA Ace Power Controller for iPhone, you probably want games to play with it. Well, Aztec Antics from UK indie developer Bouncing Ball Limited is a classic arcade-style platformer that packs impressive controller support on both iPhone and iPad. With both a selection of single-player levels with which to chase high scores and an assortment of competitive multiplayer levels, this one should appeal to fans of retro games and/or local multiplayer.

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iControlPad 2 hits Kickstarter with full keyboard, game controls, and open source

iOS gamers will likely remember the iControlPad, an accessory that launched last year to offer physical controls to the sticklers that can't abide by on-screen controls. The iControlPad guys have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their next product, the iControlPad 2. It's making a bunch of marked improvements, including open source code, a swivel mechanism to stow the controller away when not in use, and a full keyboard for typing. 

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iControlPad now available, a handheld gaming controller for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


The iControlPad is an accessory to improve the gaming experience on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Using it with your iPhone and iPod touch, you can slip your device inside it and use it as one hand held device; it even charges your device as you play. If you want to use it with the iPad, a simple change of the sides, enables it to become a standalone hand held controller.

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iControlPad for the iPhone Gamer Cometh

Thought that big honking box under the tree was a PSP? Psyche! It's an iControlPad, the gaming add-on Casey linked up back in August that makes your iPhone pretty much the same size! Says TUAW:

Engadget thinks they need some official Apple support, but all they'll really need is developer support in the App Store (they say they already have strong support from the jailbreak folks).

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iControlPad Turns Your iPhone Into A PSP Look-A-Like

We had mentioned the prototype of iControlPad more than a couple months ago, but it has popped up again looking a little bit more finalized and a lot BIGGER. Back in May, I had compared the original model to a PSP, but I think this edition looks more like the Sega Game Gear from years back. This thing is huge!

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