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How to use MobileMe iDisk for easier iWork for iPad file transfer

Apple's MobileMe News has posted a helpful entry on using MobileMe's iDisk for easier file transfer for the just-updated iWork apps for iPad.

With the latest Keynote, Pages and Numbers for iPad, you can now transfer your documents directly to and from your MobileMe iDisk so you can work on them anywhere you have an Internet connection. For example, create a new Pages document on your iPad and copy it directly to your iDisk. Then, when you are back at your Mac, open the document from iDisk and continue editing right where you left off.

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Apple updates MobileMe iDisk: Universal for iPad/iPhone, multitasking for iOS 4

Apple has just updated their Mobile iDisk app not only to add iOS 4 multitasking but also making it a universal app to support both iPhone and iPad. Here are the details on version 2.1:

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Quick App: ZumoDrive Cloud Storage for iPhone

For those of us looking for an iDisk alternative, Zester has come out with the ZumoDrive. The ZumoDrive is a free service (up to 2GB, you can purchase more) that allows you to store and sync files to the cloud just like Apple's iDisk. The app has three main sections: Files, Music and Photos.

This is how it works: You install the Zumo client on your PC or Mac. Once installed it can automatically look for your music and photo libraries. You can also add your own files and folders to sync too.

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Apple "Improves" MobileMe, Find my iPhone, Updates iDisk Public Folder

Apple's MobileMe News page has posted two updates today, one on recent MobileMe service improvements, including direct access to Find my iPhone, and the other on iDisk public folder updates.

First up, the service improvements:

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Quick App: Apple Releases MobileMe iDisk App for iPhone

Apple has released MobileMe iDisk [Free - iTunes link] for iPhone and iPod touch. Announced during WWDC 2009 back in June, with nary a peep -- though lots of questions and conjecture -- heard since then, MobileMe iDisk showing up in the App Store today should be the kind of surprise that no longer comes as one.

Using the app, similar to how 3rd party solutions worked previously, you can log into MobileMe, see the contents of your iDisk, view any supported file formats (the typical jpg, png, Microsoft Office, iWork, and audio/video files), swipe to delete, and otherwise move through the file system.

When you tap on a file, you can also choose to share it or trash it. Sharing opens up an Email Link window where you can forward on access information via email. Shared files show up with a green Shared label and icon in list view there after. (Expired shared items show up with orange labels and grayed-out icons.)

Like Remote (and unlike Keynote Remote and Texas Hold'em), Apple's fourth App Store entry is free. If you try it out, let us know how it works for you. If you already use a 3rd party iDisk utility, let us know how it compares.

Screenshots after the break!

[Thanks to AppAdvice for the tip!]

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iDisk App for iPhone Release Imminent?

According to a tech note, which recently appeared then disappeared from Apple's website (but can be seen at TUAW), our wait for the iDisk iPhone app may soon be over.

Surely you remember a little iDisk app that Apple promised to all of it's MobileMe customers back around WWDC 2009? The biggest feature, at least to us here at TiPb, being file sharing. Need to email a large file that is stored on your iDisk but you are away from your computer? No problem, just send it to whomever you'd like via iDisk for iPhone. Not too shabby.

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Dear Apple -- Where's the iDisk App?

Hey, it's started to work with Push Notification apps, so who can blame us for taking a second bite at the Dear Apple. So...

Where's that free iDisk App at? You remember, the one on your What's New in MobileMe website:

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MobileMe Update Coming June 17: Find my iPhone, Remote Wipe, iDisk Mobile, File Sharing, Public Folders

As part of the WWDC keynote today, Apple announced new features for their MobileMe service as it pertains to the iPhone:

  • Find my iPhone shows map location
  • Find alerts sends text or sound to advise of lost iPhone or help find it
  • Remote wipe lets you clear data from a lost iPhone, or restore it via login or iTunes

  • Mobile iDisk App gives access to viewable files right on your iPhone

  • File sharing lets you send links to files via email with access control
  • Access public folders lets you share files on your friends' iDisks

Like iPhone 3.0, the MobileMe updates will be available June 17.

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MobileMe (Finally!) Unleashes Large File Sharing!

When Phil Schiller first demonstrated MobileMe at WWDC 2008, one of the features we instantly wanted immediately was the drop-dead simple method for sharing large files via iDisk and email. But the MobileMe launch came and went (and broke down, and went back up), with nary a large file shared between anyone. Until now.

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