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HomeKit-enabled, WiFi-connected iLuv Rainbow8 bulbs now available

iLuv's Rainbow8 bulbs, the first WiFi-connected, HomeKit-enabled bulbs, are now available for purchase.

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#CESLive: iLuv Speakers for 2014

iLuv has made great accessories for iPhones, iPods and iPads for years. Protective cases, adapters, cables, headphones, earbuds, and complete audio systems - you can find iLuv products to suit your needs in different shapes and sizs and different price points to suit your wallet.

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iLuv Skin Case for iPad - accessory review

The iLuv Skin Case is definitely an extremely thin case. It is made of a soft rubber silicon material that feels extremely smooth to the touch. Some people may be willing to sacrifice a little bit of protection to have a thinner more portable case but in my opinion, this case was more than a little too thin.

If you want something extremely thin and don't plan on transporting your iPad very far in this case, you should be okay. Other than that, this case is more for looks than anything else.

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iLuv Flexi-Clear iPad case review

The iLuv Flexi-Clear iPad Case not only adds no bulk to your iPad, it adds tons of protection as well. It comes in a couple different colors and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that if you set your iPad on a surface face up or face down, the screen nor the back will not obtain any damage.

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iLuv Casual Fabric Case for iPad - quick look

The iLuv Casual Fabric iPad Case with Band Clip for iPadis a pouch-style enclosure that you can use to keep all that precious glass and aluminum tucked away safe and sound.

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