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Imagining iOS 5 [Updated]

Back on March 1, I tried to imagine what we'd see in iOS 5. Unlike preview years, however, there was no iOS 5 event in the spring. Instead, Apple will now be previewing iOS 5 in June, at WWDC 2011. As in this monday. So I'm revisiting my list, updating it with the latest news and rumors, and wondering what Apple could do that'll be big enough to make us forget the lack of a new iPhone introduction this time around.

So what will iOS 5 bring? We'll give you our want list, after the break.

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Imagining iOS 5

While in previous years Apple has debuted products like iPhone, MacBook Air, and iPad in January and done an iOS preview in March, this year's iPad 2 launch event is March 2, leading some to believe Apple will eschew a separate event and introduce iOS 5 on the same day. So, just in case Apple goes for the 1-2 combo punch, just in case Scott Forstall takes the stage to "blow away" developers and users with what's next, we want to be ready.

Apple begs the question -- what will 2011 be the year of? We'll give you our want list, after the break.

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