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We went to the Tales from the Borderlands premiere and lived to Tell the Tale

Tales from the Borderlands is a brand-new episodic adventure game set within the Borderlands universe. A collaboration between Telltale Games and Gearbox Software, Tales is the most story-driven Borderlands game yet. Players can grab the episodes individually as they are released, or opt for a season pass to get all five episodes for a little cheaper. The first episode is already available on Xbox One and 360, Playstation 3 and 4, and PC and Mac, with the Android and iOS versions sometime thereafter.

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First look at Sega's Crazy Taxi City Rush, coming soon to iOS

In 1999, Sega released a fast-paced driving game called Crazy Taxi in arcades and on their Sega Dreamcast console. The combination of driving passengers to their destinations, wild and humorous gameplay, and licensed punk music helped Crazy Taxi find a permanent parking spot in many gamers’ hearts. Two sequels followed, not to mention a popular iOS port of the original game.

Sensing that Crazy Taxi has even more life on mobile, SEGA has just announced a new mobile-exclusive sequel called Crazy Taxi: City Rush for iPhone, iPad, and Android. The new game will have everything fans loved about the original, plus a new touch-friendly control scheme and lots of fresh content. We met with SEGA to play an early build of City Rush and came away highly impressed. Don't miss our exclusive gameplay footage, interview, and screenshots!

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Apps World: New features coming to Zeebox TV app

This week’s App World event in San Francisco was been dedicated to mobile games and apps. One section of the show – TV Hackfest - specifically showcased apps relating to television and video viewing.

Inside of the TV Hackfest area, we met with Anthony Rose, Co-founder and CTO off Zeebox. Zeebox is a second-screen TV app with features like a customizable TV guide, news feeds for users’ favorite shows, and discussion rooms for those shows. Anthony was kind enough to show us some of the things Zeebox can do and provide iMore with an exclusive look at the iOS update that's due out in a few days.

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Marc Edwards of Bjango talks iStat 2 for iPhone and iPad

Marc Edwards, the creative mind behind Bjango, spent a few minutes talking to me about re-designing and re-building their signature system monitoring app, iStat from the ground up.

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TiPb Interview: Michael Alvarez of Avantar on Location Based Search, Paid vs. Free Apps, and More!

Michael Alvarez is the CEO of Avantar, the company behind iPhone applications like One Tap Movies, Showtimes, Calculator AXL, Yellow Pages, AirYell, and Munch. As part of TiPb's ongoing interview series and our look at the iPhone App Store, Michael was good enough to discuss Avantar's views on Apple's new mobile platform, where it is, and where it's going.

TiPb: Avantar has a wide range of apps on the market. Most appear to focus on quickly acquiring and succinctly displaying useful information like movie times, business listings, and restaurant options. What made Avantar choose these particular apps for your initial iPhone offerings?

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TiPb Interview: PCalc Developer James Thomson Talks iPhone App Store and "Postmortems"

James Thomson is the acclaimed developer behind DragThing for Mac OS X and PCalc RPN Calculator for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Following up on his recent blog postings about the challenges involved navigating the still-nascent App Store business model for developers, and TiPb's own look at whether or not there's a "long tail" potential for the market, James was gracious enough to sit down (virtually) and share his thoughts with us about the issues facing 3rd party iPhone developers going forward.

TiPb: James, you recently blogged about PCalc in the context of a "postmortem". What was the reaction like to that article, and did it bring about any changes in your current thinking or how you plan to proceed with PCalc going forward?

James Thomson: Reaction was interesting. Many iPhone developers contacted me privately, and via the blog, to say they had encountered similar problems with sales after the recent changes to the App Store.
Some pointed out the "Availability Trick" to change the App Store release date for your software when you do an update, to make it sort higher up in the listings. I talked about that a bit in a follow-up post here. It's unclear whether it really is a trick, or just what you are supposed to do, but it does seem to work.

I've also tried a few other suggestions, like renaming the app to "PCalc RPN Calculator" to make sure it appears during searches for the word "calculator" which it didn't before. So far, there has been a relatively small boost to sales, but I'm not sure how much of that is due to my changes, and how much is just down to the overall publicity that the article generated.

I'm working on a small 1.1.1 update at the moment to fix a few things, and I'll likely add some more layouts and themes. The real question is what will happen to sales then. If they remain flat, with all the other changes, then I'm going to have to try some more traditional marketing beyond the Google AdWords adverts we are already running. To a certain extent, the blog itself /is/ a form of marketing - I don't think I can really deny that, given it is raising the profile of our software.

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