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Ios Devices

How to hack together multi-room music with Sonos, Airfoil, and old iPhones

I love listening to music, soundtracks, and other aural miscellany while puttering around my apartment. Silence might be nice in some places, but when you work and live alone, there's something soothing about having some classic rock at your back while you're doing dishes or writing up an article.

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Apple devices dominate in-flight Wi-Fi usage

Gogo, a provider of in-flight Wi-Fi service, has released some information on device usage during flights, revealing that Apple devices remain the most popular with passengers. Tablets and smartphones now make up 67% of all devices connecting to Gogo.

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Apple Configurator makes it easier to mass deploy and manage iPhone, iPad for business and education

Apple has released a new Mac App Store app named Configurator which allows businesses and educational institutions to more easily and massively deploy and manage iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads.You can sync and manage up to 30 devices at a time including updating the OS, managing applications, profiles, backups, and more. Even if you have a large family with many iOS devices (or you work as a developer or blogger who has to test a ton of personal devices), Configurator can make your life a lot easier than iTunes ever did.

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Apple takes steps to obscure future iOS device references from nosy bloggers

In the latest iOS 5.1 Beta 2 it looks like Apple has taken steps to start hiding future iPhone, iPad and other iOS device model references from the bloggers and deep code divers who have previously delighted in finding and exposing them.

Mark Gurman of 9to5 Mac first noted the new, obviously obfuscating entries on Twitter, and now it seems that in the USBDeviceConfiguration.plist, Apple has thrown in over 100 entries have been added for everything from iPad10,1 to AppleTV9,2, and so on.

Interesting new move in the cat and mouse game, to say the least.

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120,000,000 iOS devices sold, 250,000 apps, 6.5 billion downloads - by the numbers

As usual, Steve Jobs began his Apple music event keynote today by giving a breakdown of iOS devices sold to date -- 120,000,000. It took them from June 2007 to June 2010 to reach 100,000,000 and only 3 months to add another 20,000,000 on top of that. Jobs also said they're activating new devices at a rate of 230,000 a day.

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