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Ipad 1

Ninja Tip: How to install iMovie on the original iPad 1

Consternated that Apple won't let you install the new iMovie app on your original iPad 1 and wondering how to get around that restriction? Sure it doesn't have cameras, a fancy Apple A5 chip or 512MB of RAM but iPad 1 can still handle some light video editing so if that's what you've got and iMovie is what you want, stay with us after the break and we reckon to show you how to get it!

WARNING: It may not work on Windows, it may disappear the minute you sync again with iTunes, it could cause conflicts in syncing with iTunes requiring a restore, and could otherwise aim to misbehave. Unless you really need iMovie on your original iPad, you may want to avoid this an just get ReelDirector off the App Store.

[fscklog via 9to5Mac]

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Original iPads now on sale $100 off

Not convinced by the grandeur and splendor of the iPad 2? You're in luck. Now that the new hotness is coming on March 11th, the old hotness is getting a price break. Here's how the prices now break down:

  • iPad 16g WiFi Only: $399
  • iPad 32g WiFi Only: $499
  • iPad 64g WiFi Only: $599
  • iPad 16g WiFi + 3G: $529
  • iPad 32g WiFi + 3G: $629
  • iPad 64g WiFi + 3G: $729

2010 was the year of the iPad (see the video after

Anybody looking to save some cash and go with first-gen? Oh, and by the way, you can't pre-order the iPad 2 ....yet.

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