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Ipad 2 Cases

Griffin Crayola Trace & Draw for iPad 2 review [Giveaway]

"As a case and app combo Griffin Crayola Trace & Draw for iPad 2 is great for letting kids learn art and have fun on the iPad, though it's not something parents to just leave on a family device."

The Griffin Crayola Trace & Draw for iPad 2 review brings together the classic crayon and marker maker with one of the biggest names in iPad accessories for a double-threat case and app combo that's sure to delight kids of all ages. It required a screen protector, comes with a large enclosure and a marker, but put it all together and you get the best of old world art thanks to the latest in Apple tech!

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Best iPad 2 cases

When it comes to iPad 2 cases, everyone has an opinion on which type is best -- hard, soft, waterproof, leather, or skin case

What type of iPad 2 case do you like best?

Apple has sold 55 million iPads to date, including a ton of iPad 2s, and all I can think about is all those beautiful, breakable screens, and elegant, scratch-able aluminum backs in need of the best iPad 2 case possible to protect them. We've reviewed a bunch of iPad 2 cases here on iMore already, and we'll be reviewing a bunch more in the coming weeks, and the sheer variety of iPad 2 cases is staggering -- from the thinnest of skins to the strongest of hard shells.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all styles of iPad 2 case. Do you value form or function? Style or security? Gloss or grip? Protection or low-profile? A lot will depend on what you do with your iPad. A construction site has different iPad case requirements than a vacation on the lake or a trip to a trade show. And now that all the basics have been covered -- how many little black iPad cases can one girl or guy own? -- manufacturers are getting more creative with materials and molding. iPad cases can now be about fashion and fun as well. Cool colors, terrific textures, and niche needs are all being covered now. And the very best iPad 2 cases bring all of that together, and more.

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Choiix Wake Up Folio for iPad 2 review

"If you like the Smart Cover but don't like its propensity to fall off or the lack of protection it provides the back plate, you'll love the Choiix Wake Up Folio for iPad 2."

The Choiix Wake Up Folio for iPad 2 is just like Apple's Smart Cover but includes a back plate to protect the aluminum backing of your iPhone. That extra back case also means it won't fall off the way Apple's Smart Cover often does. In fact, the iPad 2 snaps right in and fits snuggly and securely enough that you can lift it by the cover, something impossible with Apple's original.

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TiPb TV 20: Bond boat bash [giveaway]

We put the original Aquapac and Overboard cases for iPhone 4 through the car wash and into the deep end, so what could we do with Aquapac for iPad 2 and the new Overboard Pro Sport for iPhone? Well, Rene and I had some Amazing Case-style ideas. However, putting the waterproof Acquapac for iPad and Overboard for iPhone through the dishwasher just didn't sound cool. You know what's cool? Putting them head to head in a Bond boat bash!

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