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How to sell your old iPad

If you plan on upgrading to an iPad 5 or iPad mini 2, selling your old iPad is a no brainer. Apple products hold their resale value very well. If you've taken good care of your iPad, you should have no problem finding it a new home and putting some cash in your pocket while doing it. Selling the old really does help you afford the new. If you're not sure how to sell, or if you just want to make sure you get the most money, or save yourself the most time and effort, possible, here's everything you need to know!

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Apple confirms October 22 special event, still have a lot to cover

As expected, Apple has today confirmed October 22 as the date for the expected iPad and Mac special event. As is traditional, the event will kick off at 10am PST. This time around proceedings will be taking place at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, under the tagline "we still have a lot to cover."

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Purported iPad 5 photos show off new space gray finish

Some high quality photos of what's purportedly the next-generation iPad 5 have surfaced, and they show off the same space gray finish Apple introduced with the iPhone 5s back in September. The photos, including the above image, were posted by Sonny Dickson:

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Apple to hold next iPad and Mac event on October 22, 2013

Apple will hold their next iPad and Mac event on Tuesday, October 22. That's according to John Paczkowski of the Wall Street Journal and fits with the time line I'm hearing as well. It also fits with what Apple did last year.

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Touch ID is the future, so when are we getting it on the iPad and Mac?

With the iPhone 5s, Apple has introduced the first, functional, mainstream fingerprint ID sensor - Touch ID. With it, the touch of your finger activates a scanner that reads the living, sub-dermal layer for ridges, arches, and whorls, transfers the data to a secure enclave on the brand new Apple A7 processor, and then returns a simple yes/know response to unlock the phone or authorize an iTunes transaction. Once you get used to how easy and utterly transparent it is, you start to want it everywhere, and you don't stop. How about the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, rumored to be coming this October? How about the Mac?

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Next generation iPad, iPad mini casings caught on video

Way back in January iMore mocked up the iPad 5 for you, which essentially looked like the same 9.7-inch screen in a much, much svelter iPad mini-like body. We've seen various parts leak out since then, lending credence to what we'd heard, and here's another video showing off what's alleged to be just that again, alongside the next generation iPad mini, which they claim or assume will be Retina. Unbox Therapy on YouTube:

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More next-generation iPad and iPad mini casings purportedly leak, this time in silver

Back in January iMore mocked up and talked about the next-general iPad 5, and how it would likely take design cues from the iPad mini, getting smaller and thinner, which translates into lighter. Since then there've been several casings purportedly leak out, the latest of which (below) show what could be the silver/white option.

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Lighter iPad 5, Retina iPad mini once again rumored for the fall

We're in the midst of the busy season again for Apple rumors and speculation, and another report has emerged corroborating much of what we've already heard, including the September 10 new iPhone event. From Bloomberg:

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Rumored iPad 5 parts assembled for real video peep show

Apple has been working on redesigning the full-sized iPad for a while now with a goal towards making it thinner - which means lighter - and bringing it into line with the new design language introduced with the current iPad mini. Like with the iPad mini, however, battery life is the enemy of thin, Retina iPads. The video above represents alleged parts for that design, assembled and put on display by Macotakara.

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More on iOS 7, iPhone 5S, and Apple's plans for 2013

MG Siegler instigated an interesting conversation on Branch today when he wondered out loud about Apple's plans for 2013. I've already posted several pieces on iMore about the potential for an April event, a potential summer release for the iPhone 5s, some stuff on the iWatch, bigger iPhone, and less expensive iPhone, and a bit about Jony Ive going hands-on with iOS 7. John Gruber added the following, which he's since posted on Daring Fireball as well:

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