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Ipad Bugs

How to fix Wi-Fi network issues on your iPhone and iPad

While your iPhone or iPad should have no issues connecting to Wi-Fi or holding on to a strong signal, issues do arise from time to time. Under iOS 6 many users have been experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Symptoms have ranged from no signal, to pages not loading within Safari, or the inability to connect to a network.

If you're experiencing any of these issues, follow along for a few tips of correcting network issues.

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Apple addressing iPad Wi-Fi issues in software update

Apple has updated the support document that details iPad Wi_fi connection issues, adding that a software fix is indeed in the works. Two of the main Wi-Fi issues include a weak signal and forgotten passwords.

While waiting for Apple, if you happen to be part of the "very small number" of iPad users suffering from these iPad Wi-Fi issues, you can try some of the following workarounds:

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iPad not properly renewing DHCP lease, causing problems for Princeton IT

Princeton University IT, which keeps a close eye on their infrastructure, claims the iPad is not being a good network citizen:

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Are you having Wi-Fi connection problems with your iPad?

Dieter mentioned this in the hardware section of our iPad review, but we've seen enough reports (and gotten enough email about it!) that we wanted to break it out and see how widespread a problem this may be for our readers:

Speaking of that aluminum casing, it blocks WiFi signals pretty effectively. To get around that, Apple placed the WiFi antenna behind the plastic Apple logo. While all reports indicate itโ€™s a good antenna, I do find that Iโ€™m getting slightly worse reception on the iPad than I do on other devices.

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Having trouble with push notifications on iPad? Tell us which app!

We're getting a lot of reports from people who say they aren't getting push notifications for their iPad apps, and we're having similar problems ourselves. From productivity to games, there doesn't seem to be a pattern yet other than "not-working".

Are you having problems with push notifications on your iPad? If so, tell us which apps aren't working for you. And if you are getting notifications, tell us about that as well.

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iPad not charging via USB? Make sure you're using a high-power port

If your iPad isn't charging properly via USB cable, try changing the port you've got it plugged in to. Turns out iPad requires more power to charge than iPhone or iPod touch, and not all USB ports are powered equally (some are branched off, like hubs). This is especially true of laptops, including MacBooks. Could be front vs. back, left vs. right side, just keep trying until you find a high-power USB port that does the job.

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How-to fix the iPad "App Store is not supported in your country" error for international users

If you're an international user who just picked up an iPad in the US and want to get some apps via the on-device App Store app, you 're out of luck: "Cannot Connect to the App Store. The App Store is not supported in your country"

That's what you'll get if you synced via iTunes on your Windows PC or Mac using an international account, like Canada, Australia, UK, etc. and then try to use the iPad App Store app.

Of course, you can just keep on syncing via iTunes but for the convenience of the on-device downloads, you'll need a work-around.

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