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Ipad Camera

Padcaster mini comes to Kickstarter to help you shoot great videos on your iPad mini

The Padcaster mini, a smaller version of the Padcaster iPad tripod, has made its way to Kickstarter. You might recognize the original Padcaster was recently featured in Apple's "Your Verse" ad.

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When you need a camera at Wimbledon you should reach for your...iPad?

The simple question; would you take your iPad to a major sporting event like the Wimbledon Championships? Better yet, would you use it as your go-to camera to capture the memories of said major sporting event? My own answer? A categorical no to both. How about you?

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iPad TV Commercial Shows iBooks Pricing, NYT Best Seller Button, My Documents, Smudge/Camera

While I was busy enjoying the subtler UI details, AppleInsider noticed that last night's iPad commercial debut showed what might be some of the pricing inside the new iBooks Store:

The commercial showed Sen. Edward Kennedy's "True Compass: A Memoir" for $14.99, the novel "I, Alex Cross" by James Patterson for $12.99, and "Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Journey to Change the World... One Child at a Time" by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin for $7.99.

For comparison, "True Compass" currently sells for $19.25 for the Amazon Kindle, "I, Alex Cross" costs $9.99, and "Three Cups of Tea" costs $7.19.

Whether or not that was final, or merely mocked up pricing for the commercial, remains to be seen.

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