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Ipad Hd

More Apple TV 3 rumors, dual-core iPad redux

Once again, rumors are circulating about an Apple TV 3 update to accompany the new iPad 3/iPad HD.

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Join iMore tomorrow, March 7, for complete iPad event coverage!

Tomorrow, Wednesday March 7, 2012, at 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm GMT Apple will be announcing the next generation iPad, and perhaps a whole lot more. We'll be doing a special edition iPad Live podcast with yours truly as well as Simon Sage, and guest appearences from the Mobile Nations crew, including Phil Nickinson and Kevin Michaluk. We'll be following along with the event and providing our usual mix of up-to-the-minute commentary, witty color, and expert analysis. Our live chat will be in full effect, so you can comment right along with us!

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Will the new iPad drive massive upgrades?

73% of Mobile Nations iPad 2 owners are planning to upgrade, but to what exactly?

While we wait for tomorrow’s big iPad event, I thought it would be fun and informative to explore whether or not the next iPad (iPad 3 or iPad HD depending on which rumor you listen to) would drive massive upgrades for Apple.

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What new devices will Apple announce tomorrow?

Apple will almost certainly announce their next generation tablet tomorrow, the iPad 3 (now rumored to perhaps be called the iPad HD, but what other devices will Apple announce?

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Oh Verizon, you tease...!

Is this a genius marketing ploy by Verizon, a coincidence, or just plain laziness?

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Next iPad rumored to be called iPad HD

The next generation iPad may not be called iPad 3 but iPad HD instead. Gizmodo ran the rumor a few days ago, basing their report on product names from accessory makers. Now both VentureBeat and CNET claim their sources have told them iPad HD will be the official name.

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iPad 3 parts assembly point to Retina display, better camera, slightly thicker casing

Recently leaked parts purportedly from Apple's upcoming iPad 3 have been put together and the fit indicates not only that they may be near final production versions, but that the often-rumored 2048x1536 Retina display panel comes from Sharp, that a better camera is coming with it, and that overall, the casing may be slightly thicker.

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iPad 3 rumors suggest thicker casing, massive graphics, no quad-core

And queue the supposed case-leaks for the iPad 3, one of the traditional sings of impending Apple-pocalypse that every new device, real and imagined, has to go through before it gets announced, much less launched. These particular cases, when compared to an iPad 2 cases, seems to show some small, subtle differences between the two, as highlighted in the images above. We've also got some more rumors on both graphics power and chipset power -- or lack thereof.

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TiPb at CES 2011

TiPb will be at CES 2011 this week! I arrive Tuesday night and will be covering all the iPhone and iPad news, apps, and accessories I can find until Friday. If you're at CES and want to show off a killer app or awesome accessory, or just say hellow, let me know via @reneritchie on Twitter or rene@tipb.com.

I'll be joined by the rest of the SPE family, including Kevin from CrackBerry.com, Phil from AndroidCentral.com, and our EiC, Dieter for PreCentral.net, so keep your eyes peeled on the whole network. It's going to be a heck of a week!

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Let the "iPad Family" Rumors Commence!

Yes, the iPad won't even ship until exactly a week from today but that doesn't mean there aren't folks out there already busy starting "iPad family" rumors replete with iPad nano and iPad HD no less. No surprise, right? "iPhone family" rumors have been dredged up almost yearly by all manner of Apple analysts. Yet there's still no "iPhone nano" (or iPhone HD for that matter). So, forgive us if no breath is being held...

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