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Ipad Keyboards

Best keyboards for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro

Looking to make the most of your new 9.7-inch iPad Pro? Why not add a keyboard!

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SCOSCHE freeKEY flexible water resistant roll up keyboard review

The SCOSCHE freeKEY is a water resistant roll away keyboard that aims to make carrying a full size keyboard with you as convenient as possible. Simply pair the freeKEY with your iPhone or iPad with your keyboard and start typing. When you're done, just roll it up and go. Does it really save the day when you need a full size keyboard instead of the on-screen keyboard? Let's find out!

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Moshi introduces VersaKeyboard case for iPad Air

Moshi's taken the wraps off a new keyboard case designed to work with the iPad Air at CES this week. The VersaKeyboard case is now available.

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You're doing it wrong, or why using an iPad keyboard is like attaching a sail to your car

Earlier today Rene posted an interesting piece called The state of the mobile keyboard…and what comes next! and it got me thinking: I'm fully aware that some people have no problem writing long amounts of content on the iPad. I envy those of you who do. I just can't. And I can't help but feel like using a keyboard with the iPad is just wrong.

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KeyFolio and KeyStand Bluetooth keyboards coming to the new iPad

The new iPad is going to have a screen density higher than any computer but what it won't have is an actual physical keyboard. Sure, some people can type up a storm on the virtual keyboard, but for traditionalists Kensington is offering the KeyFolio Expert Multi Angle Folio & Keyboard and the KeyStand Compact Keyboard and Stand for the new iPad.

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