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Ipad Vs Touchpad

TouchPad Go gets reviewed; or the 7-inch war that never was

Full review of HP's never announced, never released, 7-inch TouchPad Go, the webOS-powered iPad competitor that could have been

Derek Kessler of our newly renamed sibling site, webOS Nation, has got his snarky, geeky hands on the krayt dragon of the gadget world, and done up a complete and proper TouchPad Go review.

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Competitors still struggling in the shadow of the iPad

While I can't claim for sure TiPb was the first to say there wasn't a tablet market, just an iPad market, we've been talking for a long time now about how the iPad has become so dominant, so fast, it's left very little room in mainstream hearts and wallets for competitors. The latest cases in point:

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webOS ran twice as fast on iPad 2 as TouchPad? [Updated]

Matt Brian from The Next Web has a source that claims, before canceling all webOS devices, people inside HP tested webOS as a web app on iPad 2 using Safari and the results were twice as fast as their own TouchPad hardware.

The hardware reportedly stopped the team from innovating beyond certain points because it was slow and imposed constraints, which was highlighted when webOS was loaded on to Apple’s iPad device and found to run the platform significantly faster than the device for which it was originally developed.

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Did iPad kill HP's hardware business?

After Apple introduced the iPad I wondered out loud on iPad Live whether it would leave any air in the room for eventual tablet rivals. It turns out I might have been right, but also might not have been right enough. The iPad, and now iPad 2, might not have left any air in the room for any hardware rivals, tablet or PC.

HP is not only killing off their webOS hardware and looking to license the software, HP is spinning or selling off their laptop and desktop computer business as well. Why?

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iPad rivals still can't find a tablet market

Apple has proven time and time again that they're driven to innovate regardless, that they can successfully compete against themselves, but nothing drives them to innovate and compete faster and in a more focused fashion than a successful rival. Sadly, when it comes to iPad, rivals are proving anything but successful at the point.

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iPad 2 vs. TouchPad: Form factor fight

Kevin Michaluk, pinch hitting for our sibling site, PreCentral.net has done the perfunctory HP TouchPad unboxing, and towards the end shows it off against the Apple iPad 2 (and BlackBerry Playbook) by way of comparison. (No, none of that was a typo, Kevin loves all his gadgets now, and you'll see him with Apple's and Androids and HPs and more as the weeks go on.)

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iPad Live 63: Angry ball of mostly hate

Georgia, The Keith Newman, and Rene talk iPad 3 rumors, the HP TouchPad, Google playing Nortel patent auction pranks, comics on iPad, the Kindle standoff, iPad 2 Jailbreak, and the iPad App Store hits 100,000. This is iPad Live!


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