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Iphone 2.0

Looking back: The 2008 WWDC keynote - iPhone 2.0 and the iPhone 3G!

We're continuing our look back over WWDC keynotes of yesteryear, and today's choice is the 2008 event. In stark contrast to the year previously which focused mainly on OS X, the 2008 keynote delivered a full on iPhone hit with iPhone 2.0 and the unveiling of the new iPhone 3G.

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How's iPhone 2.0 Treating you?

iPhone 2.0 Jailbroken -- the Video Proof

iPhone OS 2.0 review

Could last Friday have been any more massive for Apple? Following on the heels of slew of preparatory updates including OS X 10.5.4 and iTunes 7.7, the transition from .Mac to Mobile Me, and -- oh, yeah -- the highly anticipated launch of the iPhone 3G hardware (see Dieter's review), Apple also dropped a little something called the 2.0 firmware. Available pre-baked in the new iPhone 3G, Apple didn't spare the love for owners of the original iPhone 2G who receive it as well as a FREE downloadable upgrade, as do owners of the iPod Touch (minus the phone, camera, SMS, and GPS functionality, and the FREE part -- $10 please).

The 2.0 firmware was first demonstrated back at the Apple iPhone SDK Roadmap event in March 2008 and immediately went through a very long, very public beta process where almost anyone could sign up and download it. In spite of the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), during the 8 different betas released to developers, many new features that weren't originally demonstrated still leaked out all of the interwebs. But did all of them?

Read on to find out!

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Mobile Me is Up, Down for Us. How about for you?

Here at TiPb, we've all had bugs with the leaked 2.0 update and, like the rest of the interw00ts, we're also not getting Mobile Me working reliably since it went live yesterday. Thankfully, Apple has fessed up and admitted that the transition from .Mac has "taken longer than expected" (per Engadget).

The Mobile Me desktop login just worked for me for the first time just now, this morning. I'm successfully pushing data out, but I'm not about to start depending on it for real work. Is it working for you?

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That Leaked iPhone 2.0 Firmware Update? It's Buggy

Those of us who went ahead and downloaded the iPhone 2.0 Firmware Update direct from Apple may have jumped the gun a little too early. There have been some problems with it -- I myself have had a handful of crashes and, yes, a couple of full-on resets. A couple of times these crashes (and one of the reset) happened in the Phone App. The Phone app should be the most SOLID application on the device, so seeing it freeze up and make me drop a call (and wait for a reboot) was disheartening to say the least.

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iPhone 2.0 is Live: Start your Updates NOW!

You can grab the 2.0 update a little early, MacRumors notes, you can grab it directly by downloading this file from Apple. Let's get it on!

Note: since this is a separate file, make sure you're backed up to iTunes before you start, this full update will erase all your data and you'll need to have your data backed up in order to restore afterwards.

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Apples Releases iPhone Config Utilities

The hits just keep on coming this morning. Next up, TUAW noticed a few new downloads on Apple.com - specifically they're iPhone configuration utilities that look to be the perfect tool (until there's OTA setup) for administrators in companies that have deployed iPhones. There's a web utility for both Mac and Windows and also a more powerful Mac utility. The basic idea here is you set up a simple file (just XML) with certain settings like:

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Start Downloading iPhone Apps NOW!

I just told you today would be like peeking at your Christmas presents early and Rene just told you that iTunes 7.7 is live. Put those two things together and what ydo you get? Why, you get the ability to browse and download iPhone apps today. Once you have iTunes 7.7 installed, just use this handy tip from MacRumors:

  1. Search for "aol"
  2. Click on the AOL iPhone App.
  3. Use the breadcrumbs at the top go get to the app store .


Check out the gallery after the break for some of the stuff we're browsing for -- including a free AOL App, a free iTunes Remote App (YES), and more! What are you downloading? Let us know in the forums or -- even better -- chat it up in our forums.

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Tip o' the Week: iPhone Financial Apps

With the second coming of the iPhone at our doorsteps (3G for those of you living in a cave), there has been an intriguing amount of comparison between the "old" iPhone 2G and the shiny new 3G Wonder.  The coming of 2.0 and the App Store has everyone a-twitter, but lest we forget, there are still a plethora of web-based apps out there that are just darn good and useful.  This week's Tip, courtesy of Fiona King and currencytrading.net (a BIG thanks, Fiona!), is all about helpful financial apps for the iPhone.  Read on, friends!

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