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Iphone 2.1

Around SPE - 9 Nov 2008

This week's Around SPE is sponsored by the the TiPb iPhone Accessory Store, which has long been your best source for iPhone accessories. A lot of iPhone 3G upgraders were left out in the cold when their car chargers turned out to not be compatible, but they've got plenty that are, not to mention plenty of headphones that are a step up compared to the standard white buds

Last week both CrackBerry.com and WMExperts found themselves on the cusp of major releases -- the BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Bold on AT&T, the HTC Fuze on AT&T, not to mention a few others on the Windows Mobile side. So while everybody has been anticipating new devices, all of the editors at SPE are anticipating something else that will be starting on November 17th. The hint is right up there in the picture!

Read on for the full skinny on what's been happening around SPE!

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iPhone 2.1 Bug Watch: SMS Security and Mail Phishing/Spamming

Reader Karl writes in to let us know his twelve year old son discovered a glitch in SMS security:

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Got Camera Problems with iPhone 2.1?

Since upgrading to iPhone firmware 2.1, from time to time my camera preview -- and the pictures themselves -- have taken to breaking apart and re-arranging themselves into something pretty much unusable (though likely to fetch a pretty penny at the snootier, more vacuous galleries, no doubt).

The above picture was of a plain surface, now broken into a patchwork of planes. Happens with faces, people, and just about everything. It's not happening regularly enough, however, that I'm close to considering the nu-cu-lar option -- full on restore.

Anyone else having this problem?

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Got "Fetch"? POP/IMAP Email Broken in iPhone 2.1?

As opposed to "push" style ActiveSynch, MobileMe, or Yahoo! iPhone mail, traditional POP or IMAP accounts, like Gmail or ISP mail, needs to "fetch", or check the server on a certain schedule to see if there are new messages.

Reader Mike wrote in pointing us to a thread on the Apple Discussion Forums about "fetch" email being broken with iPhone 2.1. I only fetch mail from Gmail, and Gmail IMAP is a strange and buggy implementation which gives me considerable problems beyond the iPhone, so I can't say whether anything is really broken or not in 2.1.

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Phone Different Podcast 27

Let's Rock, iTunes 8, iPhone 2.1 update, and of course, an extended rant [ED: with some cussin', beware!] on the App Store debacle. Tune in!

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Updated: iTunes 8 + iPhone 2.1 = Apple Remote Problems?

UPDATED: Reseting everything, including the router, solved the problem.

After Apple unleashed 2.1 today, and I downloaded and installed it with nary a snag or bump, I thought everything was pretty much apps with my Apps. Needless to say, tonight I whipped out my iPhone's handy Apple Remote App to help out with a little YouTube searching, only to discover that while my libraries (desktop, laptop, Apple TV) were all still set up, none of them would connect. (They'd all worked flawlessly, immediately prior to iTunes 8 and iPhone 2.1).

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Should I Upgrade to iPhone 2.1?

With the Apple's release today of the iPhone 2.1 firmware update, that's the exact question many people will be asking. Hey, we at TiPb asked it ourselves -- for all of about 0.1 seconds before diving headlong into iTunes, for the good of our readers, of course.

So what's new in iPhone 2.1, is it compelling enough for you to update, and who should avoid it at all costs?

Answers after the jump!

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iPhone 2.1 Screenshot Gallery

Running 2.1 (5F136) now, and here's what we're noticing: WiFi works fine (tried on Apple and Linksys routers). New icons for connection type (3G/Edge) in the top bar. New blue filled and half-filled dots to describe state of video and podcasts (watched/listened to). Genius Playlists don't seem to work as well as iTunes 8, at least for me, with lots of songs coming back as "not related".

We'll update this post as we discover more (sadly, doesn't look like cut/copy/paste to turn-by-turn this go around!). What have you found so far? Any surprises?

Screen cap gallery after the break!

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iPhone 2.1 Beta 3

Another week, another iPhone 2.1 beta. Yup, Apple is maintaining a breakneck pace on the next firmware point release, updating it more regularly that blogger David G. from MobileMe! (Still waiting on "laster [last?] week" there Dave!) More typically Apple, of course, is the lack of details to the release, with TUAW reporting:

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iPhone 2.1 Beta 2: Push API Unleashed + OS X 10.5.5 Beta + Security Update 2008-005

iPhone SDK and Firmware 2.1 Beta 1, released to a very small group of developers just last week brought us rumors of direction and speed based GPS (turn-by-turn?), Notification Server API's, and the holiest of holy grails, cut, copy, and paste. Now Ars Technica reports Apple has dropped Beta 2, and while the hints hold true on the Notification "Push" technology, what else will our deep diving developers discover in the coming days? (I'm hoping for video recording!)

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