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Iphone 3.2 Sdk

iPhone 3.2 SDK for iPad goes Gold Master

Apple has released the final Gold Master (GM) seed of iPhone 3.2 SDK for iPad, get it now via developer.apple.com:

iPhone SDK 3.2 GM Seed is now available. Starting today, all iPad apps submitted must be built using this release.

All members of the iPhone Developer Program can submit their iPad apps to iTunes Connect for review and approval. If you did not submit your app during the initial review period, but upload it by March 31, it will be reviewed but may not make the grand opening of the iPad App Store.

Make sure you read the iPhone SDK GM Seed Release Notes before installing and developing with this release.

Furthermore, 9to5Mac notes that an additional email has gone out to developers telling them they need those final apps in for approval by March 31, 5pm PDT. Any time after that and there's no guarantees your app will be in there for launch.

(And hey, if you want to help TiPb out with coverage of your iPad app,

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Apple Releases iPhone 3.2 SDK Beta 5 for iPad

Apple has released iPhone 3.2 SDK Beta 5 for iPad and developers can commence their downloads via developer.apple.com.

As always, it will take the deep code divers some time to figure out exactly what's different in beta 5, and let us know about any hidden goodies that might be inside.

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New iPad Gestures in iPhone SDK 3.2

9to5Mac continues its tradition of tearing through new iPhone 3.2 SDK for iPad betas, this time digging into beta 4 and finding:

In the gestures folder, you'll see two new types of commands (3Tap.plist and LongPress.plist) that are certainly not implemented in the current 3.1 iPhone SDK.

No idea what these mean yet, but if you were Apple, what would you use the triple tap and long press for? (Aside from morse code!)

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iPad SDK Settings: Tethering, Voice Mail, MMS, Wikipedia Search

9to5Mac is yet again delving deep into the iPhone 3.2 SDK for iPad and this time they've turned up settings for internet tethering, voice mail, and MMS settings, as well as a search option for Wikipedia.

Again, whether or not this is legacy code from the iPad's iPhone heritage, or potential future features we have no way of knowing. Being able to tether to the iPad would be good (at least for international users, since AT&T doesn't even support iPhone tethering yet...) Being able to tether from the iPhone to the iPad would be even better, but we're not holding our breath... Likewise voice mail and MMS are interesting to see on a data-only device.

Wikipedia, however, is a natural extension of the built-in, currently Google-centric search and on the popover-enabled iPad Safari would be especially handy. Can we have that for iPhone as well?

Still no sign of Bing, however, though the current Yahoo! option will soon be powered by Microsoft's search engine anyway...

Video after the break!

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UPDATED: iPhone SDK 3.2 Shows iPad Camera (Again), Camera Flash and Zoom, Video Chat, Wallpaper Choices

WhenWillApple has found an interesting screen in the just-released iPhone 3.2 SDK for the iPad -- one that once again hints at camera functionality.

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Video iChat Icons, Strings in iPhone 3.2 SDK for iPad?

9to5mac continues to rip through the iPhone 3.2 SDK for iPad and has now come across the images above, which show icons for accepting a declining video chat, as well as strings referencing the same.

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iPad Simulator Settings Reveal HTML5 YouTube, File Sharing, Lock Screen Media Controls

9to5mac continues to dive into the iPhone 3.2 Beta 2 SDK and its iPad simulator, this time showing off HTML5 YouTube, file sharing, lock screen media controls, and more.

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iPad Safari on iPhone 3.2 SDK Simulator Walkthrough

9to5Mac has posted up a walkthrough of the iPad's version of the Safari web browser, running on the iPhone 3.2 SDK's simulator. Instead of sliding in new screens, iPad Safari uses Apple's new popover menus to handle bookmarks, search, and other UI tasks.

We have to admit, it's looking great to us and we can't wait to get our geeky, multi-touchy hand on it.

Video after the break!

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iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 2 Now Live

All iPad/iPhone developers out there will be happy to know that if you head over to the Apple Developer site you'll notice that the iPhone 3.2 SDK beta 2 is now available for your downloading pleasure. The servers are still getting flooded at the moment but you might as well try to get your download on.

Of course this SDK is under a NDA so if you want to know about all of the changes from the previous beta, you'll have to check it out for yourself. And feel free to share your finding with us in the comments below!

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4th Generation iPhone Code Named N89; iPod touch G4, N80

Enagdget tipsters, digging deep into the iPad's iPhone 3.2 SDK and iPhone 3.1.2 firmware, have found more evidence of the 4th generation iPhone (likely to ship this June/July) namely it's code name -- N89.

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