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Iphone 3g S

Third New Apple iPhone 3GS Commercial Focuses on Video Recording, Editing, and Sharing

Looks like Apple wasn't quite done unveiling new iPhone 3GS commercials, as a a third one began airing last night focused on video recording, editing, and sharing.

Like the previous two, which highlighted copy and paste and Voice Control, Apple's keeping them all about the new features -- and the ease of use of the new features.

So that means compass and landscape keyboard are next, right?


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Apple's New iPhone 3GS Commercials Focus on New Cut and Paste, Voice Control Features

Two new iPhone 3GS commercials are now being aired by Apple, the first one focusing on cut, copy, and paste and the second on Voice Control.

While it's interesting that the original iPhone 2G commercials were targeted at "the internet in your pocket" and the iPhone 3G commercials at "there's an app for that", new features aside, we're not sure what overarching theme Apple's going for this time -- if any.

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Wednesday Fun Video: iPhone 3GS Real Racing Tech Demo

Firemint has put up the above video tech demo of their Real Racing game running optimized for an iPhone 3GS and.... wow.

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Chad's Take: iPhone 3GS

After braving 4 hours in line on Friday morning, I was able to walk away with a 32GB iPhone 3GS in white. So what do I think?  There are more than a few things that impress me about the iPhone 3GS. These observations are from using the device, not from mere published technical specifications. Let's start to tackle them one at a time shall we?

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TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! #16 -- iPhone 3.0!

Join Dieter, Chad, Leanna, Matt and Rene for iPhone 3.0, iPhone 3G S, and all the latest news! Listen in!

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iPhone 3GS Review

iPhone 3GS review: it's the same as last year. There. Done.

What? That's what everyone's saying, isn't it? With the iPhone 3GS, Apple didn't give the fashionistas their glowing status fix, didn't once again jump high enough over the bar they themselves set way back in ought seven... The iPhone 3GS is increment

Maybe there's a point to the technorati's collective malaise of mobile-dernity. We've already done our iPhone 3.0 Software Walkthrough, so now it's time for TiPb to weigh in the hardware, and on whether or not it deserves the 2,1 designation Apple is seemingly so keen to slap on it.

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1 Million iPhone 3G S, and 6 Million iPhone 3.0 Downloads Served

Apple PR has announced that:

it has sold over one million iPhone™ 3GS models through Sunday, June 21, the third day after its launch. In addition, six million customers have downloaded the new iPhone 3.0 software in the first five days since its release.

That's a good number of units for the device equivalent of another sequel release, isn't it? It's also enough to get Steve Jobs back up in the quoting chair:

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Which iPhone are You? Apple Charts the Differences

Apple's Knowledge Base once again steps up in the handy-dandy reference chart department with a feature check-list showing highlighting some major features supported by all iPhone models, by the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S, and by the new iPhone 3G S alone.

There are some caveats, however:

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AT&T Still Not Activating All iPhone 3G S -- Apple Giving $30 Apologies?

A couple of our readers have written in over the weekend concerned that they still can't activate their iPhone 3G S on AT&T's network. Greg let us know that he was originally assured his Apple Store-purchased iPhone 3G S would be activated within 48 hrs (?!) but now it looks like that's been pushed back another 48 hrs -- or 4 days total.

He forwarded us an email he claims to have received from Apple offering a $30 iTunes credit by way of apology.

Isolated incident or is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

Full text after the break!

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TiPb Video: iPhone 3G S Low-Light Recording Demo

Took this last night on the boat. Not bad, I was impressed.

Taken any great shots or video of your own with the iPhone 3G S? Head on over to the forums and show us what you got.

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