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Iphone 4 Bugs

Slide-on cases scratching, breaking iPhone 4 backs?

Is the glass backing of iPhone 4 susceptible to scratching and breaking when used with a slide-on case under certain conditions? GDGT, the gadget-centric social site run by Peter Rojas and Ryan Block has sent out their latest newsletter with an article titled "With Antennagate over, is Glassgate next for the iPhone 4?" In it Block claims:

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How to fix FaceTime waiting for activation error on iPhone 4

Suffering from a FaceTime "waiting for activation" error? So was I. The one thing I wanted to try most on my new Canadian iPhone 4 was FaceTime. I've made no secret about being jealous of Chad and Leanna, so the instant iPhone 4 was in my hand and on Wi-Fi I went to hit the FaceTime button and... found no button. I checked my Settings immediately and saw, under the FaceTime on/off toggle the chillingly cryptic words: waiting for activation. What the h3ll?

To make matters worse, Rene's was working fine. Intolerable!

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Apple iPhone 4 press conference predictions

What do you expect from Apple's iPhone 4 press conference?online surveys

Apple's unprecedented iPhone 4 press conference is only a few hours away and so many questions remain unanswered. Will Steve Jobs even be there? Does he need to personally get in front of this or does he need to stay far away and let Phil Schiller and the engineers handle it?

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Consumer Reports tests, confirms iPhone 4 antenna problem in weak signal areas

Consumer Reports has run lab tests and confirmed what many real-world users likely already know -- in areas with weak signal, touching the iPhone 4 external antenna band at the bottom left side can cause a loss of voice and data connection.

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More potential iPhone 4 proximity sensor fixes

Still suffering from iPhone 4 proximity sensor problems? Face dialing a family member while on the phone for business? Hanging up or muting with the brush of a cheek? Macworld has a list of things that could help fix it up:

  • Reset "Network Settings"
  • Reset "All Settings"
  • Soft reboot (hold down sleep button)
  • Hard reboot (hold down sleep + home)

Like the clean re-install we mentioned previously, some of these seem to work for some people with the problem some of the time. Hey, it's problem solving in complete darkness, it'll be hit and miss. Macworld's "hunch" is that it's not as widespread as the antenna attenuation problem and that it's most likely a software glitch that will get fixed in the next firmware updated. That doesn't mean, however, that it won't drive afflicted users crazy in the meantime.

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iPhone 4 - Faster 3G speeds or nothing but speed bumps?

While iPhone 4 adds 3G HSUPA (high speed uploads) to preview HSDPA 7.2 (high speed downloads) and is giving many users much faster data, others are filling our inboxes with complaints their speeds are so slow they border on 2G EDGE... or worse.

I know when I upgraded my iPhone 3GS to iOS 4 I had some data issues but almost immediately my carrier, Rogers, pushed out an OTA (over the air) Carrier Settings Update, taking it from 7.0 to 7.1. After that, I was flying.

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Apple posts open letter regarding iPhone 4 antenna reception issues

Apple has posted an open letter addressing the widely reported issues surrounding iPhone 4 antenna reception -- how it drops or loses signal when held in such a way that the lower left side is covered.

Short version is, Apple's claiming they are, and historically have been, miscalculating how they display signal strength as bars on iPhone. They repeat that all phones will drop some signal when held in certain place, Nokia, Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone alike, but because of the way Apple was displaying signal strength, the drop appeared far more dramatic on iPhone 4.

For example, if the signal drops two bars when you hold it, and you only really have two bars, you'd see no signal and understand the drop. If you have two bars but Apple is showing you 5 bars, and weighting the calculation far too heavily towards high bars, you could drop 2 bars and really have 0, but iPhone is still showing you 3, 4, or even 5 bars. There in lies epic frustrati

A software update, to be issues within a few weeks, will change the calculation to AT&T's recommended method, and Apple will make the lower signal bars easier to see at the same time. So, in other words, your signal will still drop but it won't look to be as good before it does so.

Apple also reiterates that both they and their customers continue to report that iPhone 4 has better than any previous model, and remind everyone that anyone unsatisfied can return an undamaged iPhone 4 for a refund within 30 days.

While this does seem to address the miss-reporting of signal strength Anandtech found in their tests, and acknowledging that iPhone 4 does get better reception and does drop fewer calls -- when it works -- it doesn't seem to address the higher levels of attenuation seen in raw signals, or some reports that the baseband software wasn't properly adjusting when that attenuation occurred.

A few weeks seems like a long time to push out an iOS 4.0.1 update just to fix signal bar strength reporting, so either Apple is just waiting until their usual late July window for their first update or are working on other bug fixes -- related to the antenna or other issues like the proximity sensor -- we'll have to wait and see.

Full letter after the break.

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Proximity sensor woes under iOS 4? There's a clean install for that

Is your proximity sensor malfunctioning under iOS 4, leading your cheek to hang up on calls or otherwise frustrate your ability to have a conversation? iPhone's proximity sensor is supposed to detect when the iPhone is moved up and close to your face so it can dim the screen and turn off multitouch, preventing just those types of problems. With iOS 4, for some users, it seems to randomly stop working, making multitouch live again, and that's when the problems start.

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iPhone 4 antenna problems clarified (a bit)

Anandtech has done some testing to try and find out what's happening with iPhone 4 signal attenuation and related antenna reception problems, and come to two equal yet opposing conclusions:

Holding the iPhone 4 without a case, in your left hand, crossing the black strip can result in a worst case drop of 24 dBm in signal. [...] The fact of the matter is that either the most sensitive region of the antenna should have an insulative coating, or everyone should use a case. For a company that uses style heavily as a selling point, the latter isn't an option. And the former would require an unprecedented admission of fault on Apple's part.

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